The Showcase Bazaar 2018

The Showcase Bazaar was successfully held for 3 days from 28 November to 30 November 2018 at Ruang Legar CIMB, Menara Bumiputera Commerce, Kuala Lumpur. 54 participants from PPR Sri Pantai, Kg. Limau, Gombak Setia, Sungei Besi, Kg. Muhhibah and Lembah Subang opened a booth as vendors for the event. The types of products and services showcased included food and beverages, tailoring service and massage service.

The objective of the bazaar was to allow the participants of  Program Keusahawanan (PK) Taylor’s- CIMB Islamic 2.0 to implement the various knowledge and skills they have obtained during the PK University classes. For example, one of the classes taught the participants to create their own marketing collaterals. They then printed them out as posters, buntings and banners for the bazaar.


The Bazaar Preparation


In conjunction with The Showcase Bazaar 2018 that is going to be held in CIMB Ruang Legar on the 28th – 30th of November, Taylor’s Community organised a Program Keusahanan University class to assist the participants to prepare for the bazaar.

The morning kickstarted with a talk by Nela, Taylor’s Community Project Manager and counsellor, on the importance of emotional stability. The purpose of this topic was to prepare the participants to be ready for the various challenges that they might face during the bazaar and in their businesses. The talk was followed by Rara, an F&B entrepreneur herself touching on how to take these challenges as opportunities instead.


Let’s Start Marketing!

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” – Beth Comstock

Last Saturday was the 6th Program Keusahawanan (PK)* University and was aimed to prepare the Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) participants for an upcoming Bazaar that will be happening on the 28-30th of November in Ruang Legar CIMB KL.

HomemadeMarket, an online marketplace in Malaysia built exclusively for wholesome homemade flavor, was invited to give a workshop about the importance of marketing and its strategy. One of the insights gathered was that the PPR participants do not understand the value of their skills and expertise. Their lack of self-confidence disallows them to set an appropriate pricing for their products and services. Many of them struggle to identify their unique value proposition for their businesses.


The Continuous Journey

It was an exciting day running the 5th Program Keusahawanan (PK)* University as it was the first skills set session the PPR participants were receiving.

The morning kickstarted with Mr Rizal Rashid, Neuronworks Master Trainer, boosting the confidence and communication skills of the participants. According to a participant, what made his session unique was the fact he provided frameworks and tools that participants could easily understand and relate to.

There were two skill set classes that were conducted simultaneously in the afternoon by Urutgo and Farzana Habib. The classes focused on teaching the PPR women participants the techniques of massaging and applying make-up respectively.


The Next of Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic!

It has been two years since Taylor’s Education Group partnered with CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad in a Corporate Social Responsibility microfinancing programme to help entrepreneurs from the bottom 40 per cent of household income group (B40) involved in small-medium business. The second year programme journey was marked 80% completion during the recent grant award ceremony that has granted 107 winners with close to RM500,000 worth of business grants.

Taylor’s Group Communications and CSR Manager, May Wong shared, “For the second year running this programme, it has been brought to our attention that our participants have skills, but they require further polishing and incubation. Therefore, we came out with PK2.0, a structured training process to further equip an entrepreneur with more social media marketing skills and life skills. This time around we are also giving them practical skills and individual business coaching that is crucial for them to elevate their businesses to the next level.”

The Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2.0 – 2018 (PK2.0) is a programme which helps in developing the entrepreneurial abilities among the B40 communities. The programme focuses on the hands, heads, heart and health were designed especially for the participants of Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2017 and 2018 with the objective to equip the participants with skills and the necessary capabilities to play the role of an entrepreneur effectively.