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In conjunction with The Showcase Bazaar 2018 that is going to be held in CIMB Ruang Legar on the 28th – 30th of November, Taylor’s Community organised a Program Keusahanan University class to assist the participants to prepare for the bazaar.

The morning kickstarted with a talk by Nela, Taylor’s Community Project Manager and counsellor, on the importance of emotional stability. The purpose of this topic was to prepare the participants to be ready for the various challenges that they might face during the bazaar and in their businesses. The talk was followed by Rara, an F&B entrepreneur herself touching on how to take these challenges as opportunities instead.

The monthly Alumni Gathering also happened on Saturday, where participants shared their business journey and experiences with one another. The idea of the Alumni Gathering came about because the team identified the gap where participants from different communities were running related businesses but were not aware of each other’s existence. This sharing session made it easy for them to understand each other’s businesses and encouraged collaboration.

The interesting session happened in the afternoon, participants were divided into smaller groups and were assigned a coach. The role of these coaches was to mentor the participants on the methods to attract customers, effective marketing strategies and how to increase the percentage of profit. Participants also shared the hardships they faced in their business and the coaches guided them on the possible ways they can manage those hardships.

Simultaneously, 16 children age ranged from 4 to 16 years old attended the Program Kembara Kanak- Kanak (PKKK). With the help of volunteers from AISECS and Taylor’s Debaters, the module was successfully taught and the children were well-taken care. As this is the 7th PKKK class, it was very obvious to see how comfortable the children and volunteers were with each other.

As the participants of Program Keusahawanan are not well-exposed to the corporate business world, Taylor’s Community hopes that this event has impacted them by giving them a wider exposure on business and they will seize the opportunity to learn for The Showcase Bazaar.

On behalf of Taylor’s Community, we would like to thank the volunteers for the regular support in all our projects. Volunteer with us today to understand the different sides of life.


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November 22, 2018

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