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“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” – Beth Comstock

Last Saturday was the 6th Program Keusahawanan (PK)* University and was aimed to prepare the Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) participants for an upcoming Bazaar that will be happening on the 28-30th of November in Ruang Legar CIMB KL.

HomemadeMarket, an online marketplace in Malaysia built exclusively for wholesome homemade flavor, was invited to give a workshop about the importance of marketing and its strategy. One of the insights gathered was that the PPR participants do not understand the value of their skills and expertise. Their lack of self-confidence disallows them to set an appropriate pricing for their products and services. Many of them struggle to identify their unique value proposition for their businesses.

For the afternoon workshop, participants were guided to create a poster for their business. The session encouraged participants to utilize their design skills and implement the various marketing strategies learned in the morning.

“Danish selalu tanya, minggu ini ade kelas ke tak dan bila saya tanya kelas mana, dia akan cakap kelas Cikgu Nela. Dia lebih suka datang kelas ini berbanding pergi sekolah. Awal dia bangun dan tak perlu paksa pergi kelas ini, terima kasih Taylors”, Wan Khairul Aima (Ibu Danish Darwisyi, PPR Sri Pantai)

The Program Kembara Kanak-Kanak (PKKK) was mainly led by Taylor’s University Debaters and AIESAC Club volunteers. This week, the volunteers organized physical activities and exercises with the children. They even celebrated the birthday of children born in October at the end of the class.

It was my first time volunteering for the PKKK programme organized by Taylor’s Community. I’ve always wanted to experience it and I finally did. As someone who loves kids, I really had a great time playing with the kids as well as teaching them. This week, we had fun aerobic activities and taught them “Kesetiaan” through storytelling and acting. Seeing the kids happy makes me happy too! Looking forward to volunteer for the next session.”, Janice Chai Xin Hui, Acting Vice President of Business-to-Customer Marketing AIESEC at Taylor’s University.

*Program Keusahawanan (PK) is an ongoing programme organized by Taylor’s Community in partnership with CIMB Islamic. It is aimed at supporting the PPR community by equipping them with the skills to be entrepreneurs.


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October 29, 2018

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