Collaboration with PLUS Expressways Berhad @ Destiny

An exciting collaboration between Taylor’s Community (TC) and PLUS Expressways Berhad happened last week at a refugee learning centre – Destiny, Klang. 30 employees volunteered to experience and understand the living condition of the refugee children. Irene, the founder of Destiny, kick-started the morning with her inspiring journey on how Destiny started from 20 students to 80 students now aged 2 to 7 years old. Then, 2 employee volunteers raised the energy with an ice-breaker playing the iconic “Baby Shark” song with the children.  You could see the smiles of the children as they were so familiar with the song and were giving their all to the song.

The activities included colouring for the youngest age group, building a dream house for the 5 to 7 years old. The employee volunteers were paired with the children and this allowed the volunteers to really bond with the children. From an external perspective, it would be hard to understand the hardships of these children as they look happy and joyful but after spending a whole day with the children, the volunteers were able to identify the challenges Destiny and the children go through. For example, the simplest thing of making sure the children understand the importance of cleanliness. Some of the children, although aged 5 years old, have never brushed their teeth in their lives before.

After lunch, the employee volunteers organised a treasure hunt game that made the children very excited. The teams were running and searching for items around the house to win. The employee volunteers were not even needed in some teams as the children independently took charge of their teams. PLUS Expressway Berhad also donated many necessary basic needs to Destiny. It was a satisfying event for Taylor’s Community to see how a corporate company was able to deliver various resources to the underserved community. It is crucial to understand that helping the community does not just end with money, but individuals can also volunteer their time, skills and knowledge. Join Taylor’s Community as a volunteer today!


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November 10, 2018

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