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It was an exciting day running the 5th Program Keusahawanan (PK)* University as it was the first skills set session the PPR participants were receiving.

The morning kickstarted with Mr Rizal Rashid, Neuronworks Master Trainer, boosting the confidence and communication skills of the participants. According to a participant, what made his session unique was the fact he provided frameworks and tools that participants could easily understand and relate to.

There were two skill set classes that were conducted simultaneously in the afternoon by Urutgo and Farzana Habib. The classes focused on teaching the PPR women participants the techniques of massaging and applying make-up respectively.

Jeffrey Yee, Urutgo Marketing Manager, expressed that he was very impressed with the participant’s energy, drive and eagerness to learn. He stated that in his experience working with the PPR community, no groups have been this proactive and the collaboration between Urutgo and Taylor’s Community is encouraged.

A Taylor’s Alumni, Farzana Habib, also mentioned that the participants were very alert during her class and engaged by asking relevant questions.

“Apa yang dipelajari dan ilmu yang dicurahkan sangat memberi manfaat kepada saya. Saya daripada kosong hingga menjana pendapatan yang stabil – from zero to HERO!”, said Encik Mahmud, a PK participant.

Meanwhile, the Program Kembara Kanak-Kanak (PKKK) was being held next door for the PPR children while their parents attended the classes. Ms Nelavathi Marimuthu, a certified psychologist and Project Manager of Taylor’s Community headed the program with the Taylor’s Debate volunteers with 16 children.

“Bestnya datang sekolah ini, macam macam boleh buat, saya berasa sangat gembira”, 5 years old Danish Darwis said in excitement during the PKKK activity. What a joy to see the smile on his face!

This week’s PK University event ended in tears of joy when the PPR community surprised Taylors Community’s Project Manager, Sarah Aziera Atan as it was her last day. The bond seen between the community and Ms Sarah was truly heartwarming. Ms Sarah replied by saying although it is her last day with Taylor’s Community, this is not a goodbye to the community.

*Program Keusahawanan (PK) is an ongoing programme organised by Taylor’s Community in partnership with CIMB Islamic. It is aimed at supporting the PPR community by equipping them with the skills to be entrepreneurs.


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October 17, 2018

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