Women Empowerment – A step closer!

Building on the momentum of female leaders around the world, it is important to further support the underserved women community. We believed women are empowered when they are treated with respect and are given equal opportunity. In line with this vision, Taylor’s Community, focusing on three main aspects- women’s health, mind and heart. Above is Taylor’s Community’s belief and we turning it as our strategy for this year moving forward. To prove this is not just words, we have successfully replicated Dinamika Wanita for second time with another PPR Community. Last 29th December 2018, we managed to bring 34 women together under the roof of Dinamika Wanita project (Dynamic Women) at PPR Kg Muhibbah. They have been brought through three important aspects of life which is health awareness, cognitive intelligence and emotional resilience. They enjoyed attending the sessions and we realize that the bonding between the participant gradually increased. The closeness and support to each other eventually contributed to the success of this project at the end.

The major highlight of this project is the achievement of impact measurement. We believed that an authentic CSR project has always encourage true impacts and sustainability of it. We are proud to announce that Dinamika Wanita has achieved all its four impact measures by superseding the targets. As an impact of this project,76% of participants improved health awareness, 88% of participants gained confidence and self-esteem, 87% felt improvement in emotional well-being while 95% agreed that this project improved strengthen the bonding between the community. We would like to thank all the kind-hearted community leaders and participants who helped us with the pre-process such as recruitment and logistic assistance which help us eliminate the roadblocks. These supportive behaviours are he crucial aspects that we would expect from all of you to keep the momentum high! With this spirit and courage, we will continue to empower other communities by gear up the modules and activities. Show us your support by registering as a volunteer under CSR!


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January 2, 2019

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