Kids 4 Kids Civic Awareness Camp Closing Ceremony with YB Fahmi!

Every beginning has an ending and the most important thing is how happy and how impactful is the ending! Here you go, we have a good one to share. In conjunction with our super successful Kids 4 Kids Civic Awareness camp in December with PPR Kg Limau children, we have successfully wrapped up on 12th Jan 2019 with a Closing ceremony. Before the kids step on the presentation stage, they have spent three nights of training at their location, MINTS Hall. With the support of our Taylor’s volunteers, the kids bravely and confidently came to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus together with their parents. 38 participants of Kids 4 Kids Civic Awareness camp have attended the closing ceremony to present their club activities to our  honourable guest YB Fahmi Fadzil, Member of Parliament of Lembah Pantai area and the team! 6 groups of participants demonstrated their one whole year activity planning and committed to run the activities by taking oat in-front of the crowd.

The amazing and exciting activities created by the children has taken the crowd, and especially YB Fahmi, into surprise. This impact has clearly felt when YB Fahmi took a step up to announce his willingness to support the activities by donation RM 10,000. we feel honoured and the kids are extremely happy with the appreciating words of YB Fahmi and even the parents.​ The parent’s willingness to turn up to the ceremony together with their children, demonstrated their support and hope towards this Civic awareness initiative. On top of this, three best groups and 7 outstanding participants were awarded while certification given to all the participants.

While celebrating this success, we are not forgetting the backbone of this camp, which is our great Taylor’s University AIESEC Volunteers. There were 14 volunteers have been with us from the beginning until today as a great support to the kids. With this great support, we are blessed to announce that, we will be continuing to support K4K Civic awareness Club to execute the activities as planned. Exciting journey ahead!


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January 14, 2019

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