Welcoming the New Normal!


It’s been more than 3 months since Movement Control Order (MCO) started. It was a situation that none of us alive have ever been through and many were greatly affected by it. However, as we enter into Recovery stage (RMCO) and close the old chapter, let’s welcome the new chapter knowing that this shall soon pass. Few weeks back, Taylor’s Community launched our new logo. This is a mark to show how we’re ready to take control of the new normal situation and aim to impact communities even more.

Moving forward, we are working together with various partners such as NAMA Foundation, Cummins, Maybank Islamic and PRUKasih to welcome in more programs that impacts various communities such as the B40 communities, refugees, single parents and people with disabilities. The majority of our programs will be executed online for the safety of our communities. That being said, just like how schools are reopening, with the right SOP and proper guidelines, Taylor’s Community aims to run physical programs again. We understand that community living is essential to build relationships and trust and to sustain the support system we have already built, physical classes or occasional visitations are vital. In a long run, we will be able to empower these communities to do the same for their communities and a ripple effect will be created.

As we begin July, we’re excited that all of our new programs will begin this month, and we’re even more excited to plan programs that could involve physical classes. If you would like to impact communities in a sustainable way, do drop us an email, may.wong@taylors.edu.my.



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July 2, 2020

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