Sustainability Still Going Strong!

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Our Entrepreneurship Program, Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic Program Keusahawanan is entering strong into our 3rd year, with a little more flare!

“Extended our programs to the disabled people and refugees”

Foremost, we are extending our programs to the disabled people and the refugees. Moreover, we are including a mentorship structured where alumni are brought back to motivate, guide and encourage the new participants. This truly reflects the sustainability of this concept and how it could alleviate poverty at the core of it, where we see those who were helped are helping others now. Thirdly, we are officially introducing the mini Entrepreneurship Program, Program Keushawanan (PK) mini for children 7-12 years olds. This idea was initiated last year where parents found it hard to take care of their children and at the same time attend our entrepreneurship classes. Hence, Taylor’s Community implemented PK mini to address this issue, where programs for children are ran concurrently with the classes for the adults.

Today, we interviewed 74 new potential entrepreneurs for our program, from the PPR communities and the disabled people. Tomorrow, we will be recruiting refugees too. Out of all our interviewees, 100% of them indicated that they are excited and will be fully committed to this program. Throughout our briefing session, their active participation in asking questions and playing ice-breaking games reflected their enthusiasm and seriousness towards the program.

Another highlight would definitely regard our volunteers; we were very encouraged by the sharing of their experiences and how they really appreciated the opportunity to serve the community and engaging themselves with the children. All of them gave positive feedback and want to help out in this program again.

Overall, it was a bright start of PK2019! To volunteer and for more information, email us at or follow us on Facebook @CSR at Taylor’s Education Group to find out more!


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April 14, 2019

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