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“Social Entrepreneurship is the new Business Model”, Forbes.

Many times, profits are earned at the expense of people and planet. However, with Social Entrepreneurship (SE), a brand new business model is built upon ecological, economical and social sustainability. Profits are sustained to alleviate social and environmental issues.

Many businesses have hopped on this bandwagon in their very own ways, out of their own initiatives. For example, the Silent Teddies, EPIC Homes, Suri, The Batik Boutique, Masala Wheels and many more.

Today, it is no longer a lonely journey for these SEs, we are stoked that the government is committed to support SEs. At the Malaysian Global and Innovation Centre (MaGIC), the Entrepreneur Development Ministry (MED), launched the accreditation guidelines for SEs. Its Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Mohd Yusof told the media that the accredited SEs would be able to enjoy various benefits. Moreover, those who contribute to such social enterprises are eligible for the tax incentives announced by the Finance Ministry.

Upon listening to these great news, Taylor’s Community felt proud that we brought along our home grown entrepreneurs who graduated from our Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic Entrepreneurship Program to be there at the event. After meeting various Social Entrepreneurs and talking to experts like Yasmin Rasyid, the Program Consultant at MaGIC, we are even more proud that our entrepreneurs themselves are motivated to work towards being accredited as SEs themselves.

Our entrepreneurs come from the B40 community and they don’t have much themselves, yet, after learning how to support themselves financially, they now aim to help others who were in their situation. Besides this, this group of six, understands most what it means to have nothing and could empathize with those who need helps. Hence, we are proud to announce that Taylor’s Community is committed to train, guide and mentor these six entrepreneurs to be SEs.


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April 14, 2019

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