Sharing The Meaning of Gratitude to Refugees


We are always excited looking forward for the festival season to enjoy – buying new clothes, eating delicious variety foods and playing firecrackers. But did it ever occur to you if the festival season is the same for everyone else? How about the downtrodden community who wish to live in the happy moment, but could not have the chance to do so? We spend our hard-earned money in firecrackers and bonfires during festival seasons, where the underprivileged or marginalized community could only just look at the sky, hoping for a miracle with tears in their eyes.

Having said that, the Taylor’s Community team has recently spent sometime at Fugee School, a refugee school located in Gombak, organising Eid Mubarak charity drive donation delivery. A big thank you and appreciation to Taylor’s Hostel Management for arranging the charity drive which has turned the refugee kids festive season into a more cheerful one this year. To make a difference in someone’s life does not require giant steps, but instead baby steps are enough to create meaningful impacts. The students were so happy and excited participating in the event and joyfully engaged themselves in activities conducted by the Taylor’s Community team on last Monday, 16th July 2018.

The objective of the event was not only to give something to the students, but also to boost their emotional well-being through gratitude. The biggest contribution to a person’s happiness is by saying thank you for the things that we have. The sense of appreciation and being grateful are one of the few ways we can be satisfied with what we already have. Hence, the main purpose of this event is to highlight the spirit of giving and the meaning of receiving among the refugee students.

About 60 students from Fugee School participated in the activities ran during the event to enhance their sense of appreciation through the gratitude tree activity, where they were asked to jot down one thing they are thankful for.

Yummy nutritious meals were also given to the students as a result from the donation drive collections. A student shared, “thank you so much for showing the gratitude video to us. I’m happy with my life and I’m not going to complain anymore.” Another boy also shared, “I really enjoyed myself and I hope you can come back and run such activities with us again.”

If these could bring a beam of real happiness in their life, we are more than happy and excited to bring tones to them.


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July 12, 2018

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