English for Refugees


There is a quote that says, “the happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.” From the quote, we learnt that everyone needs something in order to achieve better things in life. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the refugee community in Malaysia. Leaving their home country and arriving in Malaysia has made them one of the most vulnerable group of people here. The statement is supported by the fact that they are unable to reach out to basic needs like education and healthcare.

Parallel to that, a group of Taylor’s University School of Communication (SOC) students came out from their comfort zone and spent two Saturday mornings with the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) students in Puchong centre, running English related activities. The project, which 15 SOC students and about 30 CSO students were involved in, initiated with the objective to teach English to the refugee students in a fun way and to educate them, also focused on enhancing the kids joys and fun, boost their communication skills and making them confident with them self.


The SOC students carried out plenty of fruitful fun activities to enhance refugee kid’s English such as whisper game, picture charades, board race, guess the action, mummy, DIY session, get-to-know-me scrapbook, caterpillar, everyday heroes and slime making. Though there wasn’t anything materialistic from the project that could be brought back by the CSO students, they certainly were more than satisfied with the knowledge and fun they gained through it.

One CSO student shared, “I love to join this session and I learned a lot about animals, sounds, myself and superheroes. I enjoy myself with the teachers and my friends. Thank you so much for coming here.” These words were so heartwarming and took away all the tiring feeling of the entire team. A SOC student mentioned, “I’m not an emotional person, but I don’t know what makes me so attached to the kids here. This was a great exposure for me to take a moment to thank my life and of course increased my insight to help under privileged group.” This are the added advantages gained from this project where both parties experienced emotional growth.


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July 18, 2018

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