Projek Cinta Bangsa


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“Our future depends on how well the different types of people can work and live together.” ~Late Tunku Abdul Rahman


A team of students under The Social Enterprise Project undertaken by Projek57 in collaboration with Taylor’s University Business School, engaging the PPR Sri Pantai residents in a unity themed event, aimed to promote tolerance, diversity, progressiveness and unity.

Sponsored by BOH Plantation and Delfi Marketing, the event consisted of 4 game stations – Station 1: Projek57 (look for Keywords from Projek57 banners and boards), Station 2: Embracing the differences (activities which are of other races), Station 3: Unity Brings Meaning (rearranging a puzzle of Tunku Abdul Rahman) & Station 4: The Malaysian Spirit (reflect on their experience throughout the event)

A Taylor’s student shared, “I applied my teaching skills to whether the younger of the older as our games gone through ethnic and we get a chance to share more to them like teaching them how to use chopsticks.”

Representatives from Projek 57 who attended the event were delighted with response and they were also actively taking photographs. The event saw participation of 46 enthusiastic individuals from the PPR, with the hope to create awareness that every Malaysian has a share in the future of Malaysia and a part to play in shaping that future, even in the smallest ways.


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June 5, 2017

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