Malaysia Day Celebration at PPR Sri Pantai


Malaysia is well-known for a country where one can experience a multitude of culture, races, food and festivals celebrations. There were challenges and obstacles, but we surged forward with a strong sense of unity all these years since we agreed to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia on Sept 16 in 1963. This year, Taylor’s Community took the initiative to celebrate Malaysia Day with the PPR Sri Pantai community to foster the Malaysian spirit and remind our people on the sacrifices of our forefathers in achieving the independence we enjoy today.


Some 40 adults and 37 children attended the event which took place on 15th September 2018 at the community that is specially designed to develop the unity between multiracial communities in Sri Pantai and to encourage the emotional wellbeing with added joy and fun. Bringing more enjoyment to this celebration, we created children version “Kami Anak Malaysia” program for the kids to gain the same amount of benefit from this event.

Creating a great fundamental among the community is only possible by strengthening the unity of the people as a nation. Carrying these objectives, adults and kids underwent wholesome of fun and creative activities. Adult enjoyed involving in unity chopstick, congkak, quizzes and Sayangi MalaysiaKu Selfie Competitions before redeeming their goodies and gifts. While, kids had fun with MalaysiaKu quizzes, thematic colouring competitions and patriotic performances. At the end, everyone went back home with some gifts and goodie bags in hand as a symbol of Malaysia day celebration.

Malaysia day celebration turned out great with our Sri Pantai community volunteers who were willing to help us in gathering the community, assisting the activity checkpoints and some other required supports on the ground. One of the community volunteers shared “Thank you for the opportunity to experience this role and it increased my responsibility in my community” while the participant mentioned “I feel great to be involved in these kind of celebration which open doors for us to get close with each other”. The kids shared thoughts about how much they love to be a Malaysian as they get to live in harmony and safety in this developed country.



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September 21, 2018

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