“KeluargaKu InspirasiKu” with PPR Sri Pantai


It is the right of every individual to be equipped with the support, skills and tools to live a life they aspire. Families can play a crucial role in building an environment to fill these needs. In Taylor’s Community, we believe in empowering families among the underserved communities as we could curb social issues from happening that are caused by the lack of family support.

The programme “KeluargaKu InspirasiKu” happened on the 29th of October 2018 with various families from PPR Sri Pantai. The programme was designed for families to understand the importance of family support, creating a family belief system and ways to improve family communication. A total of 5 families and 2 children from each family were invited to attend the programme. 

The programme promoted empathy by organising activities that allowed individuals to understand their respective roles in their families. One of the families stated that their understanding of an individual role’s in a family changed at the end of the programme. Their original perspective of an individual role’s in a family was assigned based on their gender, now they understand that every individual plays an equally important role in supporting a family.

The families were also encouraged to discuss their family structure, share their vision of an ideal family and be aware of their family situation. Parents and children communicated with each other, realigned family values and set new commitments to create a stronger bond within the family.

Towards the end of the programme, one of the mothers stated, ”this activity makes me understand about the importance of being a supportive husband or wife during hardships. I will try my best to express my feelings more honestly in the future.” Another child, aged 12 said, ”I’ve never tried telling my mother that she makes me scared but today I managed to express my feelings and I am happy about it. I will try to speak more about my worries and discuss solutions with her after this.”

Taylor’s Community would like to thank the management of PPR Sri Pantai for co-managing this programme and the volunteers from Taylor’s University AIESEC. Your collaboration has enabled this programme to be more impactful.

Join us as a volunteer for any future programmes, email us at taylors.community@taylors.edu.my for more information.


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October 9, 2018

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