Empowering Women by Breaking Taboos!



“Shhhhhhhhh, you shouldn’t say that out loud!”

For many parents and teachers, sex education remains as a taboo topic and are often left out in our curricular syllabus. Nevertheless, people SHOULD BE educated with facts about sexuality and reproductive health to truly protect themselves and others, especially for women, as it is closely linked to one’s emotional well-being.

“Sex education is important for women to improve their emotional well-being and enhance relationship.”– Chia Yee, Psychologists and Lecturer from Taylor’s School of Liberal Arts.

Thus, through our Dinamika Wanita Program, we, Taylor’s Community, committed ourselves to empower under privileged women with sex education accompanied by a guided self-reflection session. This program is specially designed to encompass areas such as emotions, thinking (cognitive) and health.

After seeing positive impact Dinamika Wanita brought in the year of 2018 where it promoted social support, bonding and emotional management amongst our participants, we ran this session again with 26 new women from the public housing project (PPR) on the 23rd February 2019 at Taylors Lakeside campus. Participants from the age of 18 to 50 comprised of mothers and daughters, as encouraged, in hopes to provide new exposure to the younger generation.

In this program, besides having a talk, an open discussion session was held to address any questions that the participants might have. Following that, participants were guided in producing their very own self-reflection mind map that promotes emotional stability. Moreover, to assist mothers who had young children within their care, Taylor’s AIESEC student volunteers were engaged to provide learning lessons for the 19 children who were present in a different classroom.

To sum up, Dinamika Wanita is a fruitful program where more than 80% of our participants specifically indicated how they have grown in various areas such as knowledge, confidence and self-appreciation, and found the sessions helpful for their personal life. Furthermore, with everyone being grateful for the program, we will continue to hold Dinamika Wanita close to our hearts.

If you would like to support and make an impact through this program, do contact us: taylors.community@taylors.edu.my


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March 30, 2019

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