Cultural Exchange for the Underserved and Marginalised Community


The world is shrinking and we are no longer only interacting with our neighbours and circle of friends. We are going around people from different country and different culture. Yet, today’s world is more xenophobic than ever before. Today’s modern people believe in more stereotypes regarding other nations than what one would expect. Today we tend to generalize, fear and exclude “the other” more than our previous generations. Therefore, the need to exchange culture is crucially important.

Cultural exchange is more meaningful for the underserved community where they can’t get access to the external world. Taylor’s community has initiated art and cultural exchange project with underserved communities, not only one but three in one week. It’s started with young refugee children aged 4 – 6 in Pertubuhan Pusat Kebajikan Destiny, followed by the maginalised community at with youth aged 17 – 22 and lastly with Rohingya children aged 12 to 17 at Rainbow of Love (Pelangi Kasih). The art and cultural exchange project were led by international interns from Japan and Korea. The underserved communities learned about Japanese and Korean culture in this project.


The impact collected after three days of cultural exchange indicates that more of these kind of projects needs to be conducted in the future. An average of 80% of the participants improved their knowledge about Japan and Korean culture, multiple of snaps captured their enjoyment during the project and they have stated that their bonding with friend improved through this activity. All these meaningful stories not only benefited the community, but also the international interns in term of enjoying their tenure in Malaysia.

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March 20, 2019

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