Canon helps children cope with change

Emotional well-being online module helped B40 children cope with change in this challenging time and won their families some much needed groceries and stationaries.

COVID-19 pandemic forces families to embrace changes in their daily routine as schools, nonessential businesses and social events are put on hold. While some families are coping better with the Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed by the government since 18th March, many B40 families are struggling to make end meets with loss of their daily income. Children are affected too by the sudden change of their routine. The more privileged children are kept occupied with online learning modules from schools or private learning centers but the B40 children are at a vulnerable state as they may not have access to online learning materials. Acknowledging this fact, Canon Malaysia in partnership with Taylor’s Education Group deployed an emotional well-being module to help the B40 children cope with this change and provided livelihood support in the form of groceries and stationaries.

This is the second jointly organized program between Canon and Taylor’s, following their first successful partnership in April 2019 that benefitted xx number of children from the B40 community. Realizing that the MCO has threatened the livelihood of many B40 families, Canon reached out through Taylor’s and donated RM5,000 worth of items for 45 families from PPR Lembah Pantai area, which has been identified as one of the COVID-19 ‘hot spots’. 

“When the government announced the implementation of the MCO, our hearts went to the children that we’ve met during our program last year. We knew their families will be badly impacted by the MCO as most of their parents’ have micro businesses and it will be disrupted,” said (Insert Canon representative name and title here) 

“We chose to partner with Taylor’s Education Group as our program last year was successful and they have been consistently supporting the B40 communities” (he/she) continued, explaining that their team quickly connected with Taylor’s and deployed a program to help children cope with the sudden change and to provide a much relief to their parents in the form of groceries and stationaries.

Taylor’s Education Group have been supporting the vulnerable B40 families in the PPR communities since 2016 through entrepreneurship and emotional well-being programs. In view of the need to help these B40 children cope with change, a module donated by HumanKind was deployed and through a social media voting content. 

“We’ve been supporting these children for so many years and it saddened us to see them struggling to cope with this sudden change. We are grateful that this second partnership with Canon provided us the opportunity to support these vulnerable children emotionally while contributing some items to relief their families’ burden” said May Wong, Taylor’s group communications and corporate social responsibility manager.

5 children emerged as winners, walking away with RM200 worth of groceries and stationaries each. Another top 40 entries were awarded RM100 worth of groceries and stationaries per submission.

“At first I wasn’t sure how to do the activity, but after discussing with my parents and consulting “Cikgu”, I try it out and had a lot of fun with it. It was my first time doing this activity and I am very happy that many people voted for my creation” said Nur Qaireen Qisha bt Ahmad Shaidan from PPR Pantai Ria, one of the top 5 winners.

When asked about her creation that won her the top 5 spot, she said “I take it as a challenge to hunt around my house for the materials needed. Surprisingly I’ve managed to find quite suitable items despite not having much at home. I just let my instinct and emotions guide me in creating the ‘face’. I thought it looked pretty funny at first but I liked it after taking many pictures of it. I’m so glad people online liked my photo too and voted for it!” said the 9 year old gleefully.


Canon believes in using photos to tell a story and together with Taylor’s encouragement for healthy expressions of emotions, hopefully these vulnerable children can cope better through this change.


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June 4, 2020

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