Urban Farming Together with Lembah Pantai Kids and YB Fahmi Fadzil


Growing up and living with technology, our children today hardly got the chance to surround themselves with nature. This does not only disconnect them from mother earth, but also limits imagination and mental growth. The natural surroundings help in children’s learning and development, physical and mentally, thus it is extremely important for them to reconnect with floras and faunas.

With that, the ‘Kids 4 Kids’ (K4K) Civic Club of Lembah Pantai got their hands dirty while learning last Sunday. The children aged 7 to 12 of various PPR communities in that area gathered at Kebun-Kebun Kerinchi, for an urban farming activity along with Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai, YB Fahmi Fadzil. Kebun-Kebun Kerinchi is the second project of Ng Seksan, a landscape architect who’s the mastermind behind lush ‘Sekeping’ nature retreats around Malaysia. Under a meaningful theme: Nature and Cleanliness, 37 children from K4K Civic Club have participated in this activity together with their parents at the farm located right opposite Pantai Eco Park.

There, the children learnt how to do farming and the steps in growing a plant along with YB Fahmi and other volunteers from Think City, DBKL, SWCrop, Air Selangor Daerah Petaling and many more. With the knowledge gained, the children went back to their community and put it to practice. This activity teaches them to be patient, responsible and life skills that cannot be learned from a book or in school. Despite being tired after half day of farming activity, the children even stood up to clean their community hall (MINTS Hall, PPR Kg Limau) and planted some vegetables around their area.

It definitely was an impactful Sunday for the children and their parents, as well we our Taylor’s student volunteers. YB Fahmi’s participation also gave huge encouragement to the children in motivating them to be a civic minded citizen. Besides that, the exposure pf planting, cleaning and spreading positive words enhanced the sense of responsibility among the children. At the end of the day, 90 percent children reported positive feeling and constructive learning out of these activities. Their parents thanked Taylor’s Community for enabling this opportunity for their children.


We highly appreciate the support from YB Fahmi Fadzil for supporting these children and Taylor’s AIESEC volunteers for being extraordinary in our projects. With all these supports, K4K Civic Club next activity in under planning now! Stay tune for more inspiring, cute stories of these children.


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March 15, 2019

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