TUSBS 2018 Health Screening and Awareness Campaign


When Taylor’s University School of Biosciences (TUSBS) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  met the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) Cheras and SOLS Solar Academy students, it turned out to be a mission for better health! The health screening and health awareness campaign, is a community service initiative by Taylor’s University School of Biosciences (TUSBS) in partnership with Taylor’s Community under the Group Communications & CSR department.

It was recently held at CSO Cheras on 22nd January 2018 and at SOLS Solar Academy on 23rd January 2018. The two-day project led by three dedicated lecturers – Dr. Tang Yin Quan, Dr. Lee Sau Har and Dr. Teoh Ming Li, was aimed to provide care for the underprivileged who were unable to meet their needs with the basic provision and also to provide community-based preventive healthcare services (health screening and education). In hindsight, this project was also aimed for TUSBS students to practice good citizenship by making a difference in the community.

On the first day, 28 students from TUSBS and QUT worked hand-in-hand and screened the health of 83 Chin refugee children (age group ranged from 4 to 16) in CSO Cheras. On the second day, 31 TUSBS and QUT students managed to screen the health of 64 marginalized youths in SOLS Solar Academy. All students of CSO Cheras and SOLS Solar Academy participated in four different health screening tests for both days, including: vision (eyesight), lipid profiling, blood pressure measurement and BMI testing. In the meantime, the Health Awareness Campaign & Cultural Exchange was also held for the refugee children and marginalized youths to understand their health better.

​​On the second day, the QUT students coached 20 SOLS Solar Academy students in a debate that helped to raise health awareness.

The students of SOLS Solar Academy also pledged about their health, which enabled them to ‘rebuild a self-generating community’.

Throughout these two days, the students of CSO Cheras and SOLS Solar Academy enjoyed the campaign as they gained better grasp on their health, not to mention they fully comprehend the proverb that goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. ​​​​


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March 1, 2018

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