Taylor’s Community’s Diwali Donation Drive Ends On A Happy Note


Deepavali is a celebrated in our multiracial country where a large multitude of people lived in. We often do not realised or ignored the fact that some kids out there are not as fortunate as many of us. Thus, Taylor’s Community initiated a Deepavali donation drive, gathering food and goodies to be shared with the children in Selangor Children Welfare Home in Klang Utama or in short Klang Utama Caring Home.

Klang Utama Caring Home is a nursery home caring for children as young as newborn to as old as secondary school teena​gers. With so many people under the care of the home, financial management is hard to supplement each child with the nutrients needed to grow. Due to the financial restriction, babies here rely on sweetened condensed milk instead of formula milk powder for growth. The story hit us at Taylor’s Community hard as knowing that children of their age deserve a better growing environment.

On the 23rd October, Taylor’s Community team visited the home with the donation from the staff at TEG and organised a lunch session with the children and caretakers. Taylor’s Community Project Manager, Luke Yii, shared, “It’s truly saddening to see living conditions these children are in, having their rights of growth forcefully stripped away without having a fighting chance. Donation drives are done periodically and seasonally; the condition will revert back to usual soon after. The issue will constantly exist until the day it is addressed and the step today may bring a temporal change or a more sustainable future for them.”


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October 23, 2017

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