Preparing the Underserved Teens for Jobs Interview


They said “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but that is definitely not the case in the process of searching for a job, because the first impression counts! And the first impression that a potential employer will have of you depends on how you present your resume and also perform during your job interview. This makes the “Resume Writing and Social Etiquette” workshop, an initiative by Taylor’s Community, so crucial for students who are moving towards the next chapter of their lives as working adults.

This workshop was carried in SOLS, Solar Academy in Segambut. SOLS 24/7 educates and empowers poor and underserved communities, with hopes to transform the underserved communities in developing their true potential and breaking the cycle of poverty. As their fundamental belief is that “every individual has possibilities to be realised and they encourage those possibilities with the currency of opportunity”, thus, this workshop is a golden opportunity for SOLS students to shine among the crowd as they are talented and are equipped with various skills.

This 5-hours workshop that was held on 26th February 2018 was intended to train 40 participating students from the age group of 16 years old and above in preparing for their future job search. With the support of 5 proactive volunteers from Taylor’s University Debaters Club, the participants managed to write and presented their resumes during the first session.

In the second session, the participants were trained to groom themselves for job interviews as well as etiquettes during a job interview. There were also mock interview sessions for the participants to experience a real job interview.

We can safely call this workshop a success as 100% of the participants said that the workshop was interesting and more than 95% of the participants were satisfied with the workshop! To emphasise further, the teacher of SOLS Solar Academy, Ahzarone also stressed that: “The students will need to look for work soon and they have to learn how to create their own resume. Programmes like this are very beneficial as SOLS is the place where they gain some professional skills and job preparation is one of their needs. So, this workshop really meets the students’ needs for their future in looking for jobs.”

Towards the end of the workshop, the participants realised that: “A resume is not just a resume, but the evolution of passion throughout the years of diligent work on the way to becoming an expert!”


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March 15, 2018

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