Mapping Your Future with the Chin Refugees


The number of refugees reported by the United Nations Refugee Agency has reportedly been increasing and Myanmar seems to be the biggest Population of Concern (PoC) with a figure of 143,048 refugees. In an initiative to help and impact the lives of the young Myanmar refugees, Taylor’s Community together with the Chin Student Organization (CSO) – a registered voluntary community organization which provides education opportunities to the Chins of Myanmar refugees have organized a few events to improve the lives of the young ones.

The first event was held across 2 CSOs in 2 days which are CSO Cheras on 12th December 2017 and CSO Puchong on 13th December 2017. “Mapping Your Future” was aimed to prepare the kids for the future. Hearing from their teacher, the future of these kids are very uncertain as they could be deported back to their home country or forced to move to another country at any time. This has really hit us Taylor’s Community hard as we feel that no children should have to live their life without education and to live in fear of being deported or forced to leave the country. Thus, together with a trainer, Ms. Jenithaa, a few activities was conducted to nurture the minds of the young ones to ensure they do not lose hope and continue striving to be the person they want to be in the future. Many activities were held together with them in a span of about 6 hours from activities as simple as drawing to activities as fun as dancing!

The face of the kids lit up throughout the event shows us that although they are refugees but they can still achieve their dreams and reach for the stars, truly an amazing feeling of fulfillment.

Former Taylor’s Community Logistics Manager, Nadzmi Azizi, shared, “Through this workshop, more potential has been drawn out from every child giving them a glimpse of a future they dream of and it is really great to have achieved that.”

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February 11, 2018

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