KidZania, an Educative Trip to Bridge Gaps!


Last August, Canon Malaysia brought our Kids 4 Kids Club to KidZania for a one day trip! We all knew that it would something exciting for our children and more so, for those who have yet to set foot into that place!

Our children from the K4K club aren’t all as privileged as other city folks but certainly have the same potential to grow and become great leaders of our nation. Hence, our aim is to expose them to more opportunities, to increase their confidence, instil self-motivation for success, and  build good character and soft skills that will bring them far in life.

This partnership with Canon certainly brought us a step closer in achieving our goals, where our children gained new ambitions as they were exposed to more career paths that sparked their interest. KidZania provided them first hand experience through role play and moreover, it gave them the opportunity to try out jobs that weren’t taught in school. This widened their perspectives and inspired them to pursue their passions instead of following what people tell them they should do. For instance, with Canon’s guidance, while almost all of them had their first lesson using the DSLR , out of 35 students, 2 of our students discovered their interest in capturing moments and mentioned that photographer can be a possible path to take on. Lastly, their confidence level too increased. Below are some of the findings we identified from the one day trip.

The data might not have portrayed all positively, but from this, we identified areas for improvement and will work hard to make their days with us more fulfilling and impactful. Above all, we would like to thank Canon for giving our children more opportunities, bridging gaps for them with the other children, making a difference for our K4K children in an impactful manner!

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Check out out video here to see what our children did!


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September 4, 2019

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