Graduation! A Proud Moment for the PPR Folks

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Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic 2018 hit a new milestone on 14th April 2018! This program started as a small project in 2017 and has grown more than 5 times in 2018. This year, we kicked of the program with a series of motivation talks in January to recruit aspiring entrepreneurs from the underserved community for a competition worth RM500, 000. Almost 200 people from PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat) Gombak Setia, Pantai Dalam area, Taman Putra Damai Lembah Subang, Sungai Besi and Kampung Muhibbah community signed up for the program.

Being the second year, this program continued to adopt the previously deployed business canvas model by Taylor’s Business School (TBS). Students and lecturers from TBS joined forces with our Taylors Community coaches with a mission to educate and prepare them for their presentation session to CIMB Islamic Bank. After a vigorous phase of coaching, a total of 127 participants successfully ‘graduated’ Education Phase and they pitched their business ideas today to a panel of 38 judges at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

Steven Lau Yuen Fai, a TBS student who were in this journey shared, “I feel inspired to see how strong they are and how they hard they are working to earn a living and to fulfill their dreams. So I feel that they are my role model whenever I have any obstacles in my life, I would have to still keep moving and find solutions to my problems.” Benjamin Ong, another TBS student also shared his views on practical learning vs classroom learning, “I personally prefer the practical type of learning as compared to traditional lecture with slides. It gave me more first-hand experience – meeting people and communicating with them. This brings out an environment that we can never get in a classroom, where the lecturer only feeds us information and we just absorb it.”

You can read the full story here.

We are also extremely honored to have a panel of much esteemed judges, which comprised of employees from Taylor’s Education Group, CIMB and also a fleet of inspiring entrepreneurs to help us decide the top 100 winners for this competition. We have a total of 36 guest judges that are entrepreneurs themselves, 7 employees and 6 from CIMB Group.

Students from Taylor’s University Debate Club, Taylor’s University Community Service Initiative (CSI), TBS Foundation students and also Gardens International School participated in this program as volunteers. At the end of the program, they’ve shared with us very rich testimonies of their experience and journey through this program. When asked what was the takeaway from attending the session on a Saturday, Lim Ren Yi noted, “I came to volunteer today basically to support the community, and especially my own clients that I have coached in the earlier weeks. What most valuable to me it’s the experience and opportunity to be able to be apart of such great project.”

The participants celebrated their success of arriving to the final stage of the competition by having photoshoots in a graduation outfit. It was truly a heartwarming sight to see them beaming with pride as they happily took some pictures. While not everyone may win the grant, everyone is already a winner for coming this far.

For more information, pictures and videos for this program, please visit or visit our Facebook at Do sign up as a volunteer and join us for our future programmes. Email for collaboration opportunities.


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April 16, 2018


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