Celebrating Mother’s Day with Refugees


When we look at our mother, we are looking at the purest love that any human being could ever give. The struggles that mothers endure from the very moment all of us were created is the responsibility of a lifetime. They shine through the toughest moments to ensure their families are protected and taken care of as they put their families before them. This stays true even for refugee mothers – where the struggles are tougher as they had to stay alive.

‘Warrior Women – The Strongest Women In The World – MOTHERS!’, is a Mother’s Day collaborative celebration between Taylor’s Community (under Group CSR department) and Al-Hasan Volunteering Network for the refugee mothers. The event saw 83 mothers and 113 children from various countries like Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Iran and Yemen came to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus on 13th May 2018 for the joyous full-day filled with activities.

On that special day, the mothers were given the opportunity to pamper themselves by having a total makeover from professional makeup artists. The artists looked after the mothers from start to finish in all their beauty endevours and made them look glamourous by helping them with scarfs and hair styling. The mothers were shining as they smiled with their inner and outer beauty throughout the day. While the mothers were enjoying their pampering session, their children had a chance to handmade a card and prepared a performance to surprise their mothers.

After lunch, the event started off with the children giving their mothers the artwork they have created. It touched our hearts to watch the children saying “I Love You, Mum” and telling them how beautiful they are. The event continued with mothers doing a catwalk show and various games where we can see the bond between both mother and child.

Mimi Zarina Amin, one of the invited guest from UNHCR Malaysia shared, “Today I see mothers smiling, I see them playing with their children and I see children getting excited. I saw one girl singing on the stage and she had tears in her eyes while singing to her mother. So, I think having this event here have a very positive impact and I think the refugee mothers truly appreciate the fact that an institution like Taylor’s have supported something to honor them and I feel this is something they will remember for a while. They were able to bond, spend time with other mothers and I believed they really enjoyed it today.”

The event was a meaningful event as not only our mothers and children enjoyed the event, but the children went home learning different ways they can appreciate their mothers. For the mothers, they learn their beauty is not only their looks, but the love they have for their children. It was a pleasure witnessing the super excited moms with their dynamic and energetic children had a fun-filled day.


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May 26, 2018

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