Bridging Social Gaps, Bringing Professionals to Underserved Children.


Inspiring Children to an Array of Career Paths!

A person should never be defined by their career choice or job title. Similarly, a child should never be defined by their ability to score well in their studies.

Last weekend, Taylor’s Community collaborated with PechaKucha Petaling Jaya as they launched their educative pilot initiative for its 10th anniversary. Through this program, Pecha Kucha brought in speakers across industries, from journalism, theatre to engineering, to engage with the 100 underserved school going children bringing together professionals who were volunteers and children from the underprivileged community. This program’s goal is to expose children to a wide range of career paths through various short workshop and equip them with real life skills beyond formal schooling.

With this focus, the impact made on the community was direct. The children had the chance to engage with the PechaKucha Petaling Jaya network of speakers, who openly shared their expertise and experience, and transferred their knowledge to the children. These Workshops/Lessons were hands on and experiential. Besides that, all the classes were taught in Bahasa Malaysia, catering to the demographics as the children could understand better, resulting in a more immersive lesson.

This entire program adopted the methodology designed by the IMC Weekend School from Amsterdam, that is centred on professionals inspiring students about their industries.

Though only in its weekend pilot program for an upcoming 3-year program, results made over the weekend were positive:

Seeing this impact, we are truly honored to have worked with PechaKucha Petaling Jaya. Moreover, we are looking forward to work together again to make greater impact for our next generation. YOU CAN TOO! “If you’re a professional, VOLUNTEER, you can share your passion, your experience, your expertise with them, in return, you’ll also be impacted by their lives. If you believe in this cause and you want to build active citizens who are confident in what they can do for the communities, the second way you could support us is through funding so that we could run this program,” said Mei Yi Yeap, the organizer of PechaKucha Petaling Jaya.

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Look at the attached video to find out more about what happened!


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July 30, 2019

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