TUSOP – Pfizer 2017 Seeding Youth of the Future

28 October 2017 no comments Luke Yii

As a yearly affair, Taylor’s University School of Pharmacy Collaborated with Pfizer and Taylor’s Community to equip the group of students the necessary project management and practical skill sets. A project team comprises of TUSOP student representative crafted the entire project plan with the aid of their lecturers and Taylor’s Community team, resulting in a well thought plan that was worth professional acclaims.

On the 28 October, the health screening program was carried out successfully at PPR Sri Pantai with participation from 135 adults and 20 children. Some of the health screening activities were Body Mass Index (BMI) Check, Blood Pressure check, Blood Glucose check, Glaucoma screening, Bone Density check, prescription of medicinal drugs and consultation to help increase awareness to the residents of PPR Sri Pantai.

TUSOP lecturer, Dr. Jason Loo shared “we want to give our pharmacy students the exposure to the community they will be serving, apart from working in a controlled environment such as the clinic. It is important for students to be able to emphasise through this initiative.” Alyson Chase, a student organiser of TUSOP also noted, “as a pharmacy student, we always try our best to help the community taking a step; taking charge of their own health and I’m glad to be part of that.”

A big shout out to the TUSOP students and volunteers whom made the event a success.

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