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Nikita Wong left her hometown in Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur to pursue her tertiary education in International Business and Marketing at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. She has first came across Taylor’s Group CSR department through her involvement in AIESEC, a club that stands for peace and the fulfillment of human kinds potential by volunteering abroad and impacting the world positively one step at a time. Nikita shared that she has never volunteered before prior to her involvement in Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic.

“The event was a true eye-opener as everything that was once just words turned into a reality. I’ve always heard the saying about how the smallest of things could go a long way and it was undeniably true. The PPR community has improved their personal development so much through this programme which really gave them a sense of achievement. The participants were able to step out of their comfort zones and achieved things they never thought they could. During an interview I asked a participant how she felt after knowing the results, despite not winning the competition the participant mentioned that she still feels like a winner as the experience is more valuable than the prize.” – Nikita

The Acting Vice President of Partnership Development for AIESEC Taylor’s University also mentioned, “the most memorable moment of my volunteering experience was when I was in-charge of registering sign-ups for the second phase of the programme (PK2.0). I was amazed that almost 100 percent of the participants have registered themselves. This only proved how much that this programme has a sustainable plan and how much it has impacted the lives of its participants. This experience has been so amazing that I am now taking part in PK2.0 for children’s programme under Program Kembara Kanak-Kanak, as I believe that more impact can be made starting with the young future leaders of the world.”

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Posted By Nikita Wong, 07 Oct 2018