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Katrina Empiang Adrian is a student at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and the president of the Taylor’s University Debate Club for term 17/18. Several members of TU Debaters took part in the “Program Keusahawanan Taylors- CIMB Islamic 2017″. They were assigned role to provide weekly workshops for children aged from 9 years old – 16 years old that teaches lessons on soft skills such as communication and public speaking.

“The most beautiful thing about community service is that it is one of the few platforms which teaches individuals how to derive happiness from spreading happiness.” – Katrina Adrian

Katrina shared that “For many of us, the “Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic 2017” was the first time we’ve ever been involved in community service projects.” “Curiosity and a desire to gain unique experiences was a big reason why many of us were eager to take on this responsibility.”

“Many of us recognize that there exist communities that do not benefit from the same privileges that we have and face more obstacles and hardships in life.” “We believe that if we have the capacity to help alleviate these burdens by providing these lessons that they would not have received otherwise, then we should reach out to these communities as much as possible.” “It sounds painfully cliché, but we do think that there is a duty to give back to society and this CSR project enabled us to fulfill that mission in the best way we know how.”

“Hosting soft skills workshops allowed me to practice a passion of mine: teaching!” “Given that they are only a few opportunities that allow me to play the role of an educator, I am so grateful to finally be able to not only be in a position to share and spread knowledge but to also gain the rare insight of what it’s like being a teacher.”

The overall experience of “Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic 2017″ felt like stages of processes where I’ve learned new things and was continually progressing as a student and a CSR facilitator.

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Posted By Katrina Adrian, 23 Nov 2017