Felice’s Story

Felice Wong is a student pursuing the Study of Education at Taylor’s University. From July to September 2017, she volunteered in “Hero-Hero Sri Pantai” which is under Taylor’s and CIMB Program Keusahawanan, taking lead to design strategic activities and impact measurement frame for the entire programme.


“The beauty of being a part of the entrepreneurship programme is the gratification upon completion, being able to let the children taking the leadership role to plan the event, seeing their growth from day one was exactly my ideal goal the programme.”  – Felice W.


She shared her experience saying that “One of the great things about working with kids is that there’s so much opportunity to see great hurdles being crossed in just a single session. Looking someone in the eye or being able to translate the word “cantik” to “pretty” may seem like small feats in the grander scale of things.” “Being able to cultivate their interpersonal skills, seeing the kids excitement and growth throughout the programme was something not taught in classes or any tutorials.” she added.

From crafting the programme and engaging closely with the children, personal skills was develop through personal interaction with the children. She was able to take lead into planning each different session, taking into consideration of the nuances, interests and talents, the skills which the children needed to prove. She added that “In the last few sessions, as we planned out the graduation ceremony, I felt very satisfied to sit back and allow the kids to proactively plan it out. The two older girls actually volunteered to speak as the emcees even though they have always been shy to speak. To me, letting them take control of their own learning was exactly what I’m doing this for.”

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Posted By , 29 Sep 2017