Determined PPR Folks During Business Plan Presentations

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As a continuous effort to combat poverty through sustainable programs for the urban poor community of Project Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Sri Pantai, Taylor’s Education Group in partnership with CIMB Islamic Bank deployed the Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic Program Keusahawaan. It is an impact driven programme aimed to educate and cultivate entrepreneurs from the underserved community.

The journey began 5 months ago, with 109 residents from PPR Sri Pantai participated in the Motivation Phase of the program. A total of 8 entrepreneurs volunteered their time and effort to speak to the residents to inspire and motivate them to seize the opportunity of winning the CIMB Islamic business grants. Despite not completing their tertiary education and lack of experience in entrepreneurship, 31 of them applied for the program and went through a 2 month classroom learning session in preparation for the business presentation session. Lecturers from Taylor’s Business School designed the program module and volunteered their time during the weekends to teach basic entrepreneurship using the facilities in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

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“In the beginning of the programme they were very shy and it took us awhile to blend in. Now, seeing that they are able to present in front and interact with the judges to show where their directions are, that is quite impressive.” ~Mohd Muttaqin Mohd Adnan, Lecturer at Taylor’s Business School.


It is fulfilling to know that the programme has achieved a change not just in their knowledge but also their mindset. A participant of the programme En. Najib Ruzlan said “this programme is another stepping stone for me to expand my business. I will keep on fighting”

13th September 2017 marked the graduation of aspiring entrepreneurs from Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic. All participants presented their business plans to the senior management team from CIMB Islamic, Yayasan Salam (the implementing agency of the programme) and Taylor’s Education Group who played judges that day. They were required to execute what they have learnt for the past 2 months.

It was truly an honour to have these VIP to witness their achievement. Here are some quotes from them.

“The difference about this programme is the essence, where the programme harness on people’s willingness to make a success in their own life. We are giving them the tools and skills to do their business. Teaching them how to fish instead of giving them the fish.” – Dato’ Loy Teik Ngan, Group CEO of Taylor’s Education Group

“Being part of the whole development is a great feeling, this is something so meaningful and this development is not just consistent with the Islamic principle, but also with the principle CIMB is holding.” – En. Shamsun Anwar Hussein, Regional Director of CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad

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“Taylor’s Community is offering something different than what we at Yayasan Salam are doing. It is something that we can learn from each other and create more benefit for us to grow beyond what we have done so far.” ~En. Md Ghani, CEO of Yayasan Salam


“Today’s event is very inspiring to me as although they are struggling in life, yet willing to work hard and try to learn something new, equip and empowering themselves to help their family and the community.” – Mr. Freddie Acho Bian, Managing Director of CIMB Foundation

While the entrepreneurship programme was targeted at the adults, children of the participants were also benefiting from it. Most of the participants who were parents, were encouraged to bring along their children during the education phase to free them from worrying about their children’s whereabouts when they were in classes. The children’s session, which ran concurrently with the adult’s session were led by members of Taylor’s University Debaters, where the kids learnt some English and arts and crafts skills.

President of the club, Mahdev Singh Sachdev shared, “it enhanced my university experience as it not attempts to be a part of  the university curriculum, but it is an external experience that contributes to me being able to say not only I go to the university to study but also worked with different groups of different age group of people.” Another member, Katrina Empiang Adrian also noted, “it was eye opening, as I always have the passion for teaching and educating others. But I nev er really had the real opportunity to do so. I think that this is a perfect chance to be a teacher, an educator and it’s not simple at all.”

With the graduation and business proposal presentation now completed, the winners of the RM50,000 worth of business grants offered by CIMB Islamic will be announced in October during a media ceremony in PPR Sri Pantai.


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September 13, 2017

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