Our Search for Measurable Impact

It all started with these questions:

How do we know if our projects are successful?

How do we improve our projects?

How do we know if what we are doing fits the community's needs?

Realising that there was no suitable framework to map these CSR components on, we built our own framework and found a common purpose with an international social impact agency called Incitement.

The collaboration between Taylor’s Education Group and Incitement started in December 2016 - aiming to develop a social impact measurement methodology that could be used across the board by regional non-profits to deliver thorough and accurate reporting on their work.

The objective of the Hourglass is to derive both qualitative and quantitative measurements (impact results) from social projects.


The Hourglass methodology was empirically tested in all projects by Taylor’s Community. Other organisations saw the benefit of our Hourglass model as well and implemented it on their projects.

  • 2017s and 2018s Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s - CIMB Islamic (Taylor’s Community)
  • All 73 community projects by Taylor’s Community in 2018
  • AIESEC International Global Volunteer Program (AIESEC Taylor’s University)
  • Volunteering International Professional (VIP) Fellowship Programme 2017, implemented by Incitement in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance and National Strategy Unit (External Partner)
  • Incitement’s Litter of Light Malaysia, a social project currently implemented in 24 countries (External Partner)

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