Turning the PPR Folks Into Successful Entrepreneurs

5th August 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

Many people in low-wealth communities have big dreams, but no way to put them into action. Those in underserved neighbourhoods often have difficulty getting start-up funding for businesses due in part to poor credit, lack of capital, and limited access to bank services. With middle-income jobs in decline, entrepreneurship offers an increasingly promising pathway out of poverty; but few low-wealth PPR folks are currently taking this route to economic self-sufficiency.

Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs from PPR Sri Pantai. The programme, led by Group Communications & CSR department’s Taylor’s Community team with the aim to give encouragement, innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to the reduction of poverty, exclusion and unemployment within the urban poor.

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Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2017 Kicks Off!

14th July 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

Taylor’s, a renowned education group has not only been helping students achieve their educational dreams, but also giving back to the community. Recently, Taylor’s Education Group partnered with CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad in helping the residents of PPR Sri Pantai through Projek Keusahawanan (Entrepreneurship Programme). This project aims to help the Sri Pantai residents towards a successful and sustainable business expansion. The biggest attraction of the programme is the RM 50,000 business grant offered by  CIMB Islamic that will be awarded to the top business proposals submitted by the applicants.

Projek Keusahawanan includes three phases – motivational, education and implementation phase. The motivational phase aims to lift the residents’ spirits and persuade them to participate for a chance of receiving the grant. From there, applicants will be screened and those successful will move on the second phase, which is the educational phase. In  that phase, applicants will have to go through a 5-week course in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus to learn more about ways to expand their business. At the end of this phase, applicants will have to use what they have learned to propose a plan for their own businesses and a winner will be chosen. The winner will then move on to the implementation phase.

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Taylor’s Sustainability Fest 2017

6th July 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

Taylor’s Sustainability Fest, an event under Taylor’s Community project by Group Communications & CSR department, is a celebration of sustainability efforts by the leaders of Taylor’s Education Group, highlighting the amount of breadth and contributions and leadership efforts across the Taylor’s Group as well as providing opportunities for students, NGO and social enterprise partners to get involved. The event was held in PPR Sri Pantai, the chosen beneficiary for Taylor’s Community on 15th April 2017. This is one of the initiatives to demonstrate Taylor’s commitment to provide sustainable living solutions to fulfil the resident’s day to day needs.

The event was an effort of four collaborative projects among the leaders of the Taylor’s together with project partners and NGOs.

Projek Kitar Semula was a recycling campaign with individual rewarding system. In partnership with iCycle Malaysia, the project aimed to educate and create awareness among the PPR community on the importance and the benefits of recycling. iCycle is giving services to the local community where Recycle Point (RP) (just like Bonus Link) can be converted from each house / individual recyclable to redemption of gift or cash online. This will encourage the residents to be responsible to the environment.

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Taylor’s Breakthrough Leadership Programme: CSR Project by Team 2

25th June 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

About 40 leaders across the Group were involved in a six month leadership development programme organised by Group Human Resource. The Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is a blended, cohort‐based program designed to help organizations transform good managers into great leaders. To put their results to the test, the cohorts were divided into six sub-teams and were assigned to run a CSR project at PPR Sri Pantai by Taylor’s Community under Group Communications and CSR department, to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquire during the program.

“We see Taylor’s as an education group that help the younger generations to be better leaders of tomorrow. Our team want to help them get out of their current situation of underprivileged and lack of childhood education. ” ~Leonard Lim

The first project, called “Bengkel Motivasi Remaja: Inspirasikan Diri Anda”, in English translation means “Motivational Workshop: Inspire Yourself” was executed on 25th of February by BLP Team 2 members. The workshop aimed to create self-awareness, creative thinking, learning and soft skills of the PPR Sri Pantai secondary schools’ children. Team 2 coordinated a group of eight volunteers from Genesis Educational and Taylor’s University Student Council. Fun, interactive activities such as river crossing and icebreaker: Chaser and Runner were devised to engage with the children at the community.

Duncan Tsen, a student volunteer added, “I hope that the children will carry on what they have learnt here as it will bring them very far in the future.”

The event ended successfully with participation of more than 30 children from the PPR Sri Pantai community.

TUSOM 2017 Health Intervention Campaign

10th June 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

A series of health intervention campaigns initiated by Taylor’s University School of Medicine (TUSOM) in partnership with Taylor’s Community under Group Communications and CSR department, were recently held at Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Sri Pantai. The campaign was led by three dedicated lecturers; Dr Jo Ann Andoy Galvan, Dr Gul Baloch and Dr. Sapna Shri​dhar Patil, who brought TUSOM’s Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery students for their Community Medicine Posting.

36 interested and dedicated medical students kick started the campaign on 11 February with a door-to-door comprehensive survey where personal particulars and medical information of the residents were gathered. This exercise was to done to assess the general residents’ individual healthcare status and health-related behaviours.

The following Saturday on 18 February, a mini Health Carnival was held for the same community which saw the residents get involved activities like awareness booths, games, freebies give-a-away, quizzes and more. The four hours long carnival with more than 100 visitors used the results gathered in the week before to give the community what was most needed medically.

“This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the community and help them understand the importance of their health, and hopefully to make a difference in their life”. ​~Mark Wong, TUSOM student leader

New Year, New Me: Health Awareness Campaign

6th June 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

PETALING JAYA: In Collaboration with the School of Biosciences and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), a free health awareness campaign for the urban poor community of Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Sri Pantai was successfully carried out last Sunday, 15th of January.

A number of 16 summer exchange students from QUT, a fellow lecturer from School of Biosciences – Dr. Ooi Yin Yin and three student volunteers as translators saw to over a hundred curious and earnest residents that underwent the free health screening and consultation provided.

Then former Dean of School of Biosciences, Dr. Anthony Ho Siong Hock, helmed the event and spoke to the residents. He also helped translate for the Australian students hopes this would transform the community for the better.

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Projek Cinta Bangsa

5th June 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

“Our future depends on how well the different types of people can work and live together.” ~Late Tunku Abdul Rahman

A team of students under The Social Enterprise Project undertaken by Projek57 in collaboration with Taylor’s University Business School, engaging the PPR Sri Pantai residents in a unity themed event, aimed to promote tolerance, diversity, progressiveness and unity.

Sponsored by BOH Plantation and Delfi Marketing, the event consisted of 4 game stations – Station 1: Projek57 (look for Keywords from Projek57 banners and boards), Station 2: Embracing the differences (activities which are of other races), Station 3: Unity Brings Meaning (rearranging a puzzle of Tunku Abdul Rahman) & Station 4: The Malaysian Spirit (reflect on their experience throughout the event)

A Taylor’s student shared, “I applied my teaching skills to whether the younger of the older as our games gone through ethnic and we get a chance to share more to them like teaching them how to use chopsticks.”

Representatives from Projek 57 who attended the event were delighted with response and they were also actively taking photographs. The event saw participation of 46 enthusiastic individuals from the PPR, with the hope to create awareness that every Malaysian has a share in the future of Malaysia and a part to play in shaping that future, even in the smallest ways.

School of Pharmacy-Pfizer Health Screening 2016

4th June 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

Taylor’s University School of Pharmacy in collaboration with Pfizer Malaysia organised a public health campaign to improve awareness and understanding on general health among the PPR Sri Pantai community. The main objectives was to extend positive impact to the community regarding the importance of health care by monitoring their basic health like Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol in the socioeconomically challenged community. Other than that, there were also tonometry and bone density check, lung spirometry and smoking cessation counseling, breast examination for women, and deworming and de-licing for children.

During the half day event, the students were able to have better understanding on general health screening procedures by practice. They also learned how to engage with, and educate the public on primary health screening with the assistance from their lecturers and certified pharmacists from Pfizer.

According to a year 4 student, Ho Ka Mun, the event was a success: “People may be aware of the importance of general health now, however, being aware it’s not enough. It is important to also educate them on how to prevent and minimize the rate of chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure, which are very common in the society.”

Aside from creating awareness, it was important to educate the residents on how to prevent and minimise the rate of chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure, which are very common in the society.

During the half-day event, the students were able to have better understanding on general health screening procedures through practice. They also learned how to engage with, and educate, the public on primary health screening with assistance from their lecturers and certified pharmacists from Pfizer.

Engineering Inspiration Workshop 2017

22nd May 2017 0 comments Amelia Ooi

As an education institution, Taylor’s seeks to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community. We dream of the world where each and every underprivileged child realised their full potential and achieves excellence in his/her life. Education is not only a fundamental right; it is one of the most valuable assets an underprivileged and a refugee can have. Education is a basic human right, and without the chance to study, we risk losing an entire generation of children when the solution is in our hands.

At last weekend’s Engineering Inspiration Workshop, Taylor’s Education Group Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility (GCCSR) department together with Taylor’s University School of Engineering (SOE) brought together more than 100 underprivileged and refugee youths from eight different schools and organisations for a 2-day workshop along with the SOE students taking the Community Service Initiative module. Held in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, the programme aimed to inspire the underprivileged and refugee youths to believe in themselves, to commit to their education, to see hope for their future and perhaps to consider a technical career as a stepping stone to a better life. Youths between the ages of 11-19 were broken into 14 groups and mentored by our SOE students to teach them about engineering, science and presentation skills.​

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