Re-thinking Social Impact Measurements

31 January 2018 no comments Daniel de Gruijter

Both in social and economical terms, being able to quantify social impact is crucial in the CSR and humanitarian sector. Yet, despite large amounts of funds and charitable donations being allocated to create social impact, more often than not the non-profit organisations responsible for the implementation of these social projects struggle quantifying the results – and not surprisingly because, really, how do you quantify happiness, ambition, or livelihood?

A partnership between Taylor’s Education Group and Incitement

These are the questions May Wong Mei Ching and Daniel de Gruijter, asked themselves – questions that sparked a strategic partnership and collaboration between Taylor’s Education Group and Incitement in December 2016, to develop a social impact measurement methodology that could be used across the board by non-profit organisations to deliver thorough and accurate reporting on their work.

Meet the Hourglass Social Impact Measurement Methodology

Fast forward one year and countless of brainstorming sessions, iterations, trials and errors, and tests and validations with both internal and external clients, a methodology called the Hourglass was created.

Once the Hourglass methodology was developed and empirically tested in a variety of projects, it was then embedded into 3 large-scale social projects:

The objective of the Hourglass is to derive both qualitative and quantitative measurements (results) from social projects. The outcome of each Hourglass workshop is to establish and align an impact measurement target model by recognising the various objectives of every stakeholder involved – from beneficiaries to sponsors, from non-profits to consultants – and carefully crafting impact measurements around those objectives.

Currently Incitement is rolling out additional modules under what is now the Hourglass umbrella, specifically to help corporations measure Corporate Social Responsibility performance.

Read more about Hourglass in our 2017 Impact Report.

Christmas Donation Drive & Back To School Programme for Chin Refugees

16 December 2017 no comments Luke Yii

Which child does not love receiving gifts? Which child does not like new items for the new school year? As Christmas is approaching, Taylor’s Community initiated a Christmas and Back to School Event for the students of the Chin Student Organization on the 16th of December 2017 at the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM).

This event is aimed to ensure every children get the sense of belonging and the chance to celebrate Christmas and the new school year like every other kid. During the event, every Chin student got a new school uniform for the New Year as well as a Christmas gift donated by staffs of the Taylor’s Education Group and distributed by Taylor’s Community and a few volunteers from Fugee School. Aside from the gifts, the Taylor’s Community have prepared a very interesting and fun activity called “Time Capsule”.

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A New Chapter Unfolds For PPR Sri Pantai Folks

7 November 2017 no comments Luke Yii

Thirteen business owners of Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Sri Pantai were awarded business grants at a ceremony on 7 November as the finale of phase two of Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2017. The impact drove programme is a partnership between Taylor’s Education Group and CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad, aimed to educate and cultivate entrepreneurs from the underserved community. For the past three months, over 100 residents from PPR Sri Pantai have engaged with representatives from Taylor’s Education Group and CIMB Islamic via two phases; the Motivation phase and the Education phase. The next and last phase will be the Implementation phase.

The first phase saw the residents attend eight sessions with entrepreneurs like Syireen Rose from Peaches & Pens, Mariq Marzuki from Mariq Jewellers and Rizal Rashid from Neuroworks International among others as well as Wan Dazriq Wan Zulkiflee from Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) who shared about social entrepreneurship experiences. The purpose of this phase was to provide a platform for the residents to hear from other entrepreneurs and be inspired by them.

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TUSOP – Pfizer 2017 Seeding Youth of the Future

28 October 2017 no comments Luke Yii
As a yearly affair, Taylor’s University School of Pharmacy Collaborated with Pfizer and Taylor’s Community to equip the group of students the necessary project management and practical skill sets. A project team comprises of TUSOP student representative crafted the entire project plan with the aid of their lecturers and Taylor’s Community team, resulting in a well thought plan that was worth professional acclaims.

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Taylor’s Community’s Diwali Donation Drive Ends On A Happy Note

23 October 2017 no comments Luke Yii

Deepavali is a celebrated in our multiracial country where a large multitude of people lived in. We often do not realised or ignored the fact that some kids out there are not as fortunate as many of us. Thus, Taylor’s Community initiated a Deepavali donation drive, gathering food and goodies to be shared with the children in Selangor Children Welfare Home in Klang Utama or in short Klang Utama Caring Home. Continue reading “Taylor’s Community’s Diwali Donation Drive Ends On A Happy Note”

Orang Asli Community Outreach by FHMS

25 September 2017 2 comments Amelia Ooi

Kampung Teras is a small, marginalized community of 112 people approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Slim River town in Perak. The village has no access to electricity and clean drinking water has been living in such only depending on diesel generators and solar-powered lights built by Incitement, a grass-root social movement on a mission to spark real positive impact in the world that Taylor’s Community under Group CSR is partnering with.

As for running water, the village has a solar water pump (which didn’t work at the time of the visit) that treats water that implies they are not connected to the water lines as well. Which brings us to a disturbing question: Why is this village, so close to the main road, and not at all isolated, have neither electricity nor running water? It’s not even the end of the road, too, for if you continue down the main road you’ll eventually reach the Gunung Besout FELDA settlements, which had these utilities.


With no clean and properly treated drinking water, it is no doubt that the health status of the villagers is poor, and some even alarming. Last Saturday, while most Malaysians were enjoying their long break, 33 students of Taylor’s University Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences (FHMS) under the School of Medicine (SOM), School of Biosciences (SBS) and School of Pharmacy (SOP) set out on an outreach project to Kampung Teras at daybreak.

Medical facilities are beyond convenient reach for the villagers there. Stacking on top of the inconvenience is their average household income, where their earnings are only sufficient for their daily survival. The issues were brought into the attention of lecturers Ms Peggy Hoo and Ms Chew Lye Yee from SOP and SBS respectively, during their site visit to the community somewhere in May 2017, to leap into action by devising various medical health interventions to address their dire need. Villagers consisting of children, adults and senior citizens were screened and medication was prescribed.

“This is an opportunity for students to identify the needs of people who are disadvantaged. As healthcare professionals, we commonly only think of our benefit and people of our group of income. We hoped that through this, we can make a difference in the healthcare for this community. We don’t want to just ‘hit & run’, we hoped that this can be something continuous and sustainable.” ~Executive Dean of FHMS, Emeritus Professor Dr. P.T. Thomas

Student volunteer, Tan Li Ying, Year 3 student of SOP noted, “it was indeed an eye-opening and fruitful experience throughout my degree course. Helping the children and having fun with them enlightens me and I will definitely join such volunteering programme again.”  Another  volunteer, a Year 4 student of SOM, Chong Min San also shared “it was my first personal encounter with the Orang Asli community. I learned a great deal from this experience and hope that SOM will incorporate more sessions like this for exposure for the students.”

The outreach programme accompanied by Professor Thomas, Professor Lai Nai Ming, Dr. John Tiong, Dr. Serene Abbas, Dr. Yan See Wan, Ms Peggy Hoo and Ms Chew Lye Yee ended successfully with 81 of villagers went through the health screening.

The minority communities in the country that is often forgotten, could really need help in any form from privileged people like you and I. Therefore we in Taylor’s, should not be blind sighted. Make it meaningful, make a difference, and make it matter. ​​

Caring Act For PPR Community

25 September 2017 no comments Amelia Ooi

Taylor’s Community and Taylor’s University School of Medicine (TUSOM) collaborated again to bring a series of Health Intervention program to the community at PPR Sri Pantai last Friday.

This round of Health Intervention was carried out by Taylor’s University’s very own batch 7 of Medical Students as a part of their medical posting programme. The health intervention brought in a new focus on the screening of eye diseases specifically Glaucoma on the residents of PPR Sri Pantai.

The purpose of medical posting programme is to prepare a platform for the future medical Doctors to harness and polish their soft skills while giving back to the needy society on the other hand. Medical student Arisha Emily Yap quoted “activities held today is very beneficial for us future medical Doctors and everyone in the community to spread awareness in terms of health.”

The event ended with an overwhelming response of more than 90 participation from the PPR Sri Pantai’s residents despite a heavy downpour. Taylor’s Community will continue our effort to bring a better future for communities in need and to the future generation.

Determined PPR Folks During Business Plan Presentations

13 September 2017 no comments Amelia Ooi

As a continuous effort to combat poverty through sustainable programs for the urban poor community of Project Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Sri Pantai, Taylor’s Education Group in partnership with CIMB Islamic Bank deployed the Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic Program Keusahawaan. It is an impact driven programme aimed to educate and cultivate entrepreneurs from the underserved community.

The journey began 5 months ago, with 109 residents from PPR Sri Pantai participated in the Motivation Phase of the program. A total of 8 entrepreneurs volunteered their time and effort to speak to the residents to inspire and motivate them to seize the opportunity of winning the CIMB Islamic business grants. Despite not completing their tertiary education and lack of experience in entrepreneurship, 31 of them applied for the program and went through a 2 month classroom learning session in preparation for the business presentation session. Lecturers from Taylor’s Business School designed the program module and volunteered their time during the weekends to teach basic entrepreneurship using the facilities in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

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Turning the PPR Folks Into Successful Entrepreneurs

5 August 2017 no comments Amelia Ooi

Many people in low-wealth communities have big dreams, but no way to put them into action. Those in underserved neighbourhoods often have difficulty getting start-up funding for businesses due in part to poor credit, lack of capital, and limited access to bank services. With middle-income jobs in decline, entrepreneurship offers an increasingly promising pathway out of poverty; but few low-wealth PPR folks are currently taking this route to economic self-sufficiency.

Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs from PPR Sri Pantai. The programme, led by Group Communications & CSR department’s Taylor’s Community team with the aim to give encouragement, innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to the reduction of poverty, exclusion and unemployment within the urban poor.

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Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2017 Kicks Off!

15 July 2017 no comments Amelia Ooi

Taylor’s, a renowned education group has not only been helping students achieve their educational dreams, but also giving back to the community. Recently, Taylor’s Education Group partnered with CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad in helping the residents of PPR Sri Pantai through Projek Keusahawanan (Entrepreneurship Programme). This project aims to help the Sri Pantai residents towards a successful and sustainable business expansion. The biggest attraction of the programme is the RM 50,000 business grant offered by  CIMB Islamic that will be awarded to the top business proposals submitted by the applicants.

Projek Keusahawanan includes three phases – motivational, education and implementation phase. The motivational phase aims to lift the residents’ spirits and persuade them to participate for a chance of receiving the grant. From there, applicants will be screened and those successful will move on the second phase, which is the educational phase. In  that phase, applicants will have to go through a 5-week course in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus to learn more about ways to expand their business. At the end of this phase, applicants will have to use what they have learned to propose a plan for their own businesses and a winner will be chosen. The winner will then move on to the implementation phase.

The first session of the motivational phase has been kick-started last Saturday, 15th July 2017 at PPR Sri Pantai. The session that attracted 61 eager residents, saw four passionate motivational speakers who has volunteered themselves to help the residents and shared their journey from zero to hero. The speakers, Hanif Azmi, Wan Dazriq, Shabaneeny Mahmud and Mak Lai Poh, who were a professional learning facilitator, a program manager of MaGIC Social Entrepreneurship, a founder and a professional coach respectively hyped up the crowd and successfully inspired the residents to sign up for the chance to receive the grant. Children were also entertained with a variety of activities at the back of the hall as their parents paid attention in front. The activities prepared included colouring​ and a variety of puzzles with prizes upon completion.

The session ended with a delicious lunch prepared by The Picha Project along with refreshing mango drinks by MangoLikey. The event day concluded with 35 applicants who will be considered for the educational stage. The successful applicants will be announced after the second motivational session, which will be happening on the 22nd of July.