IMAGINE: A World Fit For You & Me

22 May 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

Do you know that Children’s Rights does not only cover the basic needs for physical protection, food, education and healthcare but also includes things like freedom from discrimination – be it race, gender, religion or disability. Yet, around the world, millions of children are denied a fair chance for no reason other than the country, gender or circumstances into which they are born. Awareness and knowledge of the society on these matters are extremely, as our children today will be our leaders in the future.

To build the awareness on children’s right, Majlis Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Malaysia (MKKM) organised a Senior Child Advocates Workshop titled “IMAGINE: A WORLD FIT FOR U & ME” in collaboration with StudyHub Malaysia, Digi Telecommunications Malaysia and Taylor’s Education Group here in Taylor’s Lakeside Campus. Held on 12th May 2018, the programme aimed to empower, educate and inspire 35 children between the age of 13 to 24 years old of various backgrounds including refugees, Orang Asli, disabled, underprivileged and 2 Taylor’s students that attended this event to become child advocates.

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Graduation! A Proud Moment for the PPR Folks

16 April 2018 one comment Amelia Ooi

Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic 2018 hit a new milestone on 14th April 2018! This program started as a small project in 2017 and has grown more than 5 times in 2018. This year, we kicked of the program with a series of motivation talks in January to recruit aspiring entrepreneurs from the underserved community for a competition worth RM500, 000. Almost 200 people from PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat) Gombak Setia, Pantai Dalam area, Taman Putra Damai Lembah Subang, Sungai Besi and Kampung Muhibbah community signed up for the program.

Being the second year, this program continued to adopt the previously deployed business canvas model by Taylor’s Business School (TBS). Students and lecturers from TBS joined forces with our Taylors Community coaches with a mission to educate and prepare them for their presentation session to CIMB Islamic Bank. After a vigorous phase of coaching, a total of 127 participants successfully ‘graduated’ Education Phase and they pitched their business ideas today to a panel of 38 judges at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

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Beyond the Classroom and into the Community

28 March 2018 one comment Amelia Ooi

In many local universities and colleges, it is common to a student’s day to largely consist of sitting in the lecture theatre, listening to a lecture, and taking notes in preparation for an exam or quiz. In Taylor’s, we recognise that life learning and leadership skills is the core to be a productive leader who gives back to the society. With that, the institution aims to provide holistic education and instil​ learning for the head, heart and hand. Therefore service learning has an essential part of preparing students to take their productive place as leaders in the global community.

Earlier this month, the Foundation students of Taylor’s University Business School embarked on a 3-week journey with the PPR Gombak Setia participants of the Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2018. Named as ‘The Apprentice Initiative’, students in groups created mock companies with their vision, mission and objective to equip the community with business and marketing knowledge. The companies, completed with company logos and organisational structures, were given the assignment to act as the consultant to the participants, who was then their clients. This gave students an opportunity to explore academic interests through a real world lenses.

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Internship Service Learning: A Reflection by a TEG Intern

21 March 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

As we all know, the purpose of an internship programme is to allow students to experience what is the real working environment and to put academic knowledge into practice. However, Taylor’s Education Group Internship Programme is definitely different from other internship programmes, but what makes it stand out from others? The answer lies in the structure of the programme. Apart from gaining real working world experiences, interns at Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) will also learn to be responsible citizens through service learning, which makes internship at TEG a more holistic learning experience. The service learning is a community service that is so important for students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as to provide a service to those who need it most.

8 interns from different departments are required work together in pairs to propose activities that induce a sense of belonging to the refugee children aged between 4 to 16 years old at Chin Student Organisation (CSO) Puchong. The interns also had to come out with their own roles and responsibilities in running the whole session, whereby every intern was given opportunity to lead each activity during the 4-hour service learning that was held on 26th January 2018.

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Preparing the Underserved Teens for Jobs Interview

15 March 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

They said “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but that is definitely not the case in the process of searching a job, because first impression counts! And the first impression that a potential employer will have of you depends on how you present your resume and also perform during your job interview. This makes the “Resume Writing and Social Etiquette” workshop, an initiative by Taylor’s Community, so crucial for students who are moving towards the next chapter of their lives as working adults.

This workshop was carried in SOLS, Solar Academy in Segambut. SOLS 24/7 educates and empowers poor and underserved communities, with hopes to transform the underserved communities in developing their true potential and breaking the cycle of poverty. As their fundamental belief is that “every individual has possibilities to be realised and they encourage those possibilities with the currency of opportunity”, t​hus, this workshop is a golden opportunity for SOLS students to shine among the crowd as they are talented and are equipped with various skills.

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TEG Lunar New Year “Pass-It-On” Donation Drive 2018

10 March 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

Lunar New Year is a time for giving; be it “angpau” (red packets) or in other forms such as cookies and mandarin oranges. This popular tradition was again adopted by Taylor’s Group Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility (GCCSR) Department following the success of the ​previous year’s Lunar New Year project. This time around, the  donation drive was open not only to Taylorians, but also to everyone in the public! ​

By adapting the tradition of “sharing”, everyone was welcomed to donate their excess Lunar New Year cookies or mandarin oranges, just as long as they were unopened, not expired and in good condition. The donations received over the 6-day​​ collection period were distributed to the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) Puchong, a refugee school that supports the Chin refugee community living in Kuala Lumpur and gives children access to education. Teacher of CSO Puchong, Joseph has shared that: “Students don’t usually have the opportunity to celebrate Lunar New Year and receive gifts like that. But this year, we receive a lot of cookies and mandarin oranges, so the students get to enjoy these. The Lunar New Year project is meaningful as it will help the students to understand more about Lunar New Year​. The happy faces of the children clearly showed that no further explanation was required on how meaningful this project is to them.”

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TUSBS 2018 Health Screening and Awareness Campaign

1 March 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

When Taylor’s University School of Biosciences (TUSBS) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT)  met the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) Cheras and SOLS Solar Academy students, it turned out to be a mission for better health! The health screening and health awareness campaign, is a community service initiative by Taylor’s University School of Biosciences (TUSBS) in partnership with Taylor’s Community under the Group Communications & CSR department.

It was recently held at CSO Cheras on 22nd January 2018 and at SOLS Solar Academy on 23rd January 2018. The two-day project led by three dedicated lecturers – Dr. Tang Yin Quan, Dr. Lee Sau Har and Dr. Teoh Ming Li, was aimed to provide care for the underprivileged who were unable to meet their needs with the basic provision and also to provide community-based preventive healthcare services (health screening and education). In hindsight, this project was also aimed for TUSBS students to practice good citizenship by making a difference in the community.

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The Art Therapy Project

20 February 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

Art; where one is able to express their emotions and feelings by just drawing or painting. An initiative by Taylor’s Community, the art expression workshop was held on the 9th January 2018 to 12th January 2018 at Chin Student Organization Puchong. Refugee children from different age groups of 5 – 17 years old participated in the 16 hours workshop across 4 days. The art expression workshop was aimed to provide the children a basic understanding of colours through hands-on art activities and provide them an overview of visual principles. Most importantly, these underprivileged children will be able to express themselves through art in sub-conscious and conscious manner.

On the first day, the children were taught on shapes and colours manipulation. The children were free to draw anything on the first row and will slowly combine the shapes drawn on the final stage. They will then colour their drawings as they like!​

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Mapping Your Future with the Chin Refugees

11 February 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

The number of refugees reported by the United Nations Refugee Agency has reportedly been increasing and Myanmar seems to be the biggest Population of Concern (PoC) with a figure of 143,048 refugees. In an initiative to help and impact the lives of the young Myanmar refugees, Taylor’s Community together with the Chin Student Organization (CSO) – a registered voluntary community organization which provides education opportunities to the Chins of Myanmar refugees have organized a few events to improve the lives of the young ones.

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Re-thinking Social Impact Measurements

31 January 2018 no comments Daniel de Gruijter

Both in social and economical terms, being able to quantify social impact is crucial in the CSR and humanitarian sector. Yet, despite large amounts of funds and charitable donations being allocated to create social impact, more often than not the non-profit organisations responsible for the implementation of these social projects struggle quantifying the results – and not surprisingly because, really, how do you quantify happiness, ambition, or livelihood?

A partnership between Taylor’s Education Group and Incitement

These are the questions May Wong Mei Ching and Daniel de Gruijter, asked themselves – questions that sparked a strategic partnership and collaboration between Taylor’s Education Group and Incitement in December 2016, to develop a social impact measurement methodology that could be used across the board by non-profit organisations to deliver thorough and accurate reporting on their work.

Meet the Hourglass Social Impact Measurement Methodology

Fast forward one year and countless of brainstorming sessions, iterations, trials and errors, and tests and validations with both internal and external clients, a methodology called the Hourglass was created.

Once the Hourglass methodology was developed and empirically tested in a variety of projects, it was then embedded into 3 large-scale social projects:

The objective of the Hourglass is to derive both qualitative and quantitative measurements (results) from social projects. The outcome of each Hourglass workshop is to establish and align an impact measurement target model by recognising the various objectives of every stakeholder involved – from beneficiaries to sponsors, from non-profits to consultants – and carefully crafting impact measurements around those objectives.

Currently Incitement is rolling out additional modules under what is now the Hourglass umbrella, specifically to help corporations measure Corporate Social Responsibility performance.

Read more about Hourglass in our 2017 Impact Report.