Health Intervention by TUSOM at SOLS

24 August 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

You come back home tired after a long day of slaving away and before having dinner, you open your favorite social media app. You make a promise of only 5 minutes on this app, despite knowing that you are about to spend an hour on it. Amid the scarce posts by your friends, you are bombarded by advertisements from KFC and McDonalds showcasing their new mouthwatering dishes and models who seem like their last meal was a salad and they must have eaten that about a year ago. Depressed, you may try to seek solace with the newspaper only to shown news of suicide, accidents and that Malaysia has once again topped Asia’s Obesity ranking. Unbeknownst to us, all of these has been setting us down an unhealthy path, one that appears to have no bright light at the end of the tunnel. We can wait for miraculous savior come and safe us from the destruction ahead but we would end up waiting forever. The change we need must come from ourselves to stop us from continuing down this. The best weapon to combat this and one that we must holster is knowledge about the best ways to maintain a healthy life. The Taylor’s School of Medicine was locked and loaded to dispense these literal life-saving knowledge to the children at SOLS.


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The Next of Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic!

17 August 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

It has been two years since Taylor’s Education Group partnered with CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad in a Corporate Social Responsibility microfinancing programme to help entrepreneurs from the bottom 40 per cent of household income group (B40) involved in small-medium business. The second year programme journey was marked 80% completion during the recent grant award ceremony that has granted 107 winners with close to RM500,000 worth of business grants.

Taylor’s Group Communications and CSR Manager, May Wong shared, “For the second year running this programme, it has been brought to our attention that our participants have skills, but they require further polishing and incubation. Therefore, we came out with PK2.0, a structured training process to further equip an entrepreneur with more social media marketing skills and life skills. This time around we are also giving them practical skills and individual business coaching that is crucial for them to elevate their businesses to the next level.”

The Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2.0 – 2018 (PK2.0) is a programme which helps in developing the entrepreneurial abilities among the B40 communities. The programme focuses on the hands, heads, heart and health were designed especially for the participants of Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic 2017 and 2018 with the objective to equip the participants with skills and the necessary capabilities to play the role of an entrepreneur effectively.


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Program Keusahawanan 2018 – An Impactful Closure

31 July 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

According to the Department of Statistics, the percentage of Malaysia’s incidence of poverty had fallen from 49.3% in 1970 to 0.4% in 2017 – a record achievement over the last 50 years. With official statistics boasting almost no poverty in the economy, it is a startling truth that an international agency’s finding shows otherwise. Furthermore, the impact of price increases on Bottom 40% (B40) is far greater, as having a lower disposable income means compromising certain important needs, and trimming spending on basic necessities such as food and education.

In-line with the government’s aim to support the B40 households, Taylor’s Education Group has once again partnered CIMB Islamic Bank Bhd for the second year now in creating an impact to these communities. Program Keusahawanan (PK) Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic aimed to elevate the community from poverty and this entrepreneurship program targeted to equip the budding entrepreneurs from the Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) communities with core equipment needed for their business.

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English for Refugees

18 July 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

There is a quote that says, “the happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.” From the quote, we learnt that everyone needs something in order to achieve better things in life. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the refugee community in Malaysia. Leaving their home country and arriving in Malaysia has made them one of the most vulnerable group of people here. The statement is supported by the fact that they are unable to reach out to basic needs like education and healthcare.

Parallel to that, a group of Taylor’s University School of Communication (SOC) students came out from their comfort zone and spent two Saturday mornings with the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) students in Puchong centre, running English related activities. The project, which 15 SOC students and about 30 CSO students were involved in, initiated with the objective to teach English to the refugee students in a fun way and to educate them, also focused on enhancing the kids joys and fun, boost their communication skills and making them confident with them self.


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Sharing The Meaning of Gratitude to Refugees

12 July 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

We are always excited looking forward for the festival season to enjoy – buying new clothes, eating delicious variety foods and playing firecrackers. But did it ever occur to you if the festival season is the same for everyone else? How about the downtrodden community who wish to live in the happy moment, but could not have the chance to do so? We spend our hard-earned money in firecrackers and bonfires during festival seasons, where the underprivileged or marginalized community could only just look at the sky, hoping for a miracle with tears in their eyes.

Having said that, the Taylor’s Community team has recently spent sometime at Fugee School, a refugee school located in Gombak, organising Eid Mubarak charity drive donation delivery. A big thank you and appreciation to Taylor’s Hostel Management for arranging the charity drive which has turned the refugee kids festive season into a more cheerful one this year. To make a difference in someone’s life does not require giant steps, but instead baby steps are enough to create meaningful impacts. The students were so happy and excited participating in the event and joyfully engaged themselves in activities conducted by the Taylor’s Community team on last Monday, 16th July 2018.

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Building Furniture with Refugees

9 July 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

Could you imagine studying in a school with no furniture? Or using old and broken furniture that were thrown away? Unfortunately, this is the reality for countless underprivileged and marginalised communities in many parts of the Malaysia. From no access to electricity to the inability to receive basic education, many of the issues pervading communities around the country can be attributed to the absence of basic infrastructure and facilities.

For the refugee communities, majority of the students have limited access to the basic facilities of life. Therefore, the school facilities can have a profound impact on both teacher and student outcomes and contribute greatly to improved learning environment.

With that Taylor’s Education Group recently partnered with Ayer Holdings Berhad, a property and plantation group on a furniture building project for the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) centre in Puchong. Organised and led by Ignition Lab, a creative learning centre that focuses on utilizing carpentry tools to encourage creative thinking and problem solving skills amongst children & youth, the project was initiated with an objective to instil learning through contribution where school fixtures and furniture will be built for the Chin Student Organisation (CSO) centre in Puchong.

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Inspiring Marginalized Youths in Engineering Field

31 May 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

Engineers like the idea of claiming their primacy as problem solvers. But while this ability will always be critical for engineers, there is more to engineering than just solving problems. Engineering careers have become highly diverse over the past 50 years. They are now tackling complex social issues such as poverty, inequality, disaster recovery or climate change. Their work is in mega cities and small towns, remote communities and in both high and low-income countries. Taylor’s University is catching up with this new reality, where missions to educate the less privileged youth about engineering field were instilled in the modules of School of Engineering (SOE).

SOE Senior Lecturer, Douglas Tong made sure that his students understand that, as future engineers, they can go beyond just learning how to design and build things. Students need to understand that engineering is also about dealing with the community and the issues of public interest. On 26th & 27th May 2018, 103 SOE students under the Community Service Initiative module ran an engineering workshop to inspire 64 marginalized youths from Dignity for Children Foundation and SOLS 24/7 to take ownership of their lives, to commit to their education, to see a good future for themselves and perhaps to consider a technical career as a stepping stone to a better life.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Refugees

26 May 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

When we look at our mother, we are looking at the purest love that any human being could ever give. The struggles that mothers endure from the very moment all of us were created is the responsibility of a lifetime. They shine through the toughest moments to ensure their families are protected and taken care of as they put their families before them. This stays true even for refugee mothers – where the struggles are tougher as they had to stay alive.

‘Warrior Women – The Strongest Women In The World – MOTHERS!’, is a Mother’s Day collaborative celebration between Taylor’s Community (under Group CSR department) and Al-Hasan Volunteering Network for the refugee mothers. The event saw 83 mothers and 113 children from various countries like Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Iran and Yemen came to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus on 13th May 2018 for the joyous full-day filled with activities.

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IMAGINE: A World Fit For You & Me

22 May 2018 no comments Amelia Ooi

Do you know that Children’s Rights does not only cover the basic needs for physical protection, food, education and healthcare but also includes things like freedom from discrimination – be it race, gender, religion or disability. Yet, around the world, millions of children are denied a fair chance for no reason other than the country, gender or circumstances into which they are born. Awareness and knowledge of the society on these matters are extremely, as our children today will be our leaders in the future.

To build the awareness on children’s right, Majlis Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Malaysia (MKKM) organised a Senior Child Advocates Workshop titled “IMAGINE: A WORLD FIT FOR U & ME” in collaboration with StudyHub Malaysia, Digi Telecommunications Malaysia and Taylor’s Education Group here in Taylor’s Lakeside Campus. Held on 12th May 2018, the programme aimed to empower, educate and inspire 35 children between the age of 13 to 24 years old of various backgrounds including refugees, Orang Asli, disabled, underprivileged and 2 Taylor’s students that attended this event to become child advocates.

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Graduation! A Proud Moment for the PPR Folks

16 April 2018 one comment Amelia Ooi

Program Keusahawanan Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic 2018 hit a new milestone on 14th April 2018! This program started as a small project in 2017 and has grown more than 5 times in 2018. This year, we kicked of the program with a series of motivation talks in January to recruit aspiring entrepreneurs from the underserved community for a competition worth RM500, 000. Almost 200 people from PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat) Gombak Setia, Pantai Dalam area, Taman Putra Damai Lembah Subang, Sungai Besi and Kampung Muhibbah community signed up for the program.

Being the second year, this program continued to adopt the previously deployed business canvas model by Taylor’s Business School (TBS). Students and lecturers from TBS joined forces with our Taylors Community coaches with a mission to educate and prepare them for their presentation session to CIMB Islamic Bank. After a vigorous phase of coaching, a total of 127 participants successfully ‘graduated’ Education Phase and they pitched their business ideas today to a panel of 38 judges at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

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