Our 3rd Entrepreneurship Program came to a Peak!

4th September 2019 0 comments Elsie Ong

On Merdeka Day, 500 people gathered at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus to make a difference! Our 3rd Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic Entrepreneurship Program (Program Keusahawanan) have come to a peak where last Saturday, it was the presentation day for our beneficiaries. It was the chance for them to receive business grants in the form of equipments, for their business development, in hopes to empower them to self-sustain independently.

After 6-8 weeks of grinding, business classes including goal setting, financial planning, marketing, branding, and mock presentations after mock presentations, our beneficiaries entered an arena of passionate judges to Business Pitch, but in our participant’s eyes, a ‘lions den’ of experienced judges! It is with great courage that they’ve brought themselves to this point!

Coming from an array of background, be it from the B40 communities or those who are Asnafs (people who are entitled to receive from from the Muslim community), Refugees, Differently-Abled or single parents, all 200 of them presented their business pitch to various judges.

Apart from that, our Mini Entrepreneurship Program too came to a highlight were they created products and organised a Mini Bazaar. 10 of the children too were trained to business pitch to the judges their parents faced. The judges were all impressed by our children who were able to articulate clearly their goals and business ideas. We see that this program have been a by-the-way blessing for this entire Program. Our beneficiaries’ children too were able to pick up transferable skills for their personal development.

Altogether, we had 17 presentations rooms and more than 100 volunteering judges who were industry experts, entrepreneurs, academics and even NGO leaders. Moreover, we also had 100 student volunteers came to help out in this event. We are truly thankful to all who contributed to the success of the event!

Yet, this is not the end, following the release of the results, more business classes and monitoring would be held to ensure that our beneficiaries truly benefit and are empowered to be better entrepreneurs from this program who could increase their earning power. So, we’re still looking for trainers and volunteers! For enquiries, contact us at taylors.community@taylors.edu.my!

KidZania, an Educative Trip to Bridge Gaps!

4th September 2019 0 comments Elsie Ong

Last August, Canon Malaysia brought our Kids 4 Kids Club to KidZania for a one day trip! We all knew that it would something exciting for our children and more so, for those who have yet to set foot into that place!

Our children from the K4K club aren’t all as privileged as other city folks but certainly have the same potential to grow and become great leaders of our nation. Hence, our aim is to expose them to more opportunities, to increase their confidence, instil self-motivation for success, and  build good character and soft skills that will bring them far in life.

This partnership with Canon certainly brought us a step closer in achieving our goals, where our children gained new ambitions as they were exposed to more career paths that sparked their interest. KidZania provided them first hand experience through role play and moreover, it gave them the opportunity to try out jobs that weren’t taught in school. This widened their perspectives and inspired them to pursue their passions instead of following what people tell them they should do. For instance, with Canon’s guidance, while almost all of them had their first lesson using the DSLR , out of 35 students, 2 of our students discovered their interest in capturing moments and mentioned that photographer can be a possible path to take on. Lastly, their confidence level too increased. Below are some of the findings we identified from the one day trip.

The data might not have portrayed all positively, but from this, we identified areas for improvement and will work hard to make their days with us more fulfilling and impactful. Above all, we would like to thank Canon for giving our children more opportunities, bridging gaps for them with the other children, making a difference for our K4K children in an impactful manner!

For partnership opporutnities, contact us at taylors.community@taylors.edu.my.

Check out out video here to see what our children did!

Fairer Higher Education for All!

20th August 2019 0 comments Elsie Ong

Last school break, Closing The Gap Malaysia made their way to Taylor’s University to beat the odds!

What does this mean? Closing The Gap (CTG) Malaysia is an organisation who aims to improve access to higher education for young people from underrepresented backgrounds. They provide support for post-schooling options for their esteemed Scholars, personalised mentoring and career guidance to help them achieve their fullest potential.

We honoured to be given a chance to host their Critical Thinking workshop by an established philosopher Hazman Baharom, where the scholars were challenged to practice critical reasoning (a key skill of the future- or the present). Scholars were required to disect tough articles that tackled current issues regarding the Khat controversy, Lynas, ICERD and so on. It’s amazing to see how these young people, high school and Pre-U students tried their best to apply what they’ve learnt and presented their findings in front of a crowd. It was certainly a very practical and hands on workshop where the students took away valuable lessons. Throughout, CTG also had their mentors come over, not only to guide the students through these brainy activities, but also to share their lives and build relationships.

Moreover, the scholars also had the opportunity to have a lunch chat with Dato Sri’ Nazir Razak and the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Teach For Malaysia who both shared a bit about their life learnings, ambitions, personal experiences and jobs of the future.

Following this, Nathaniel Tan and Deborah Chow from Engage Education, both committed and experienced in Education, was present to share about their life journey, tips on studying effectively and strategies to enter top universities.

To sum up, it was a heavy yet productive day for the scholars, guest speakers and mentors. CTG is making impact for the younger generation! Do  find out more about them here: https://www.facebook.com/ClosingTheGapMalaysia/ and support them in any way you could!

Taylor’s – CIMB Islamic Entrepreneurship Program Business Pitch

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200 PPR community members (Low income households), refugees, orang Asli and people with disabilities (PWD) will be presenting their business pitch and standing a chance to win business grants up to RM500,000. We would need coordinators, an impact manager and photographers to help smoothen this process and, encourage and motivate the participants.

Volunteers Needed for our upcoming Business Pitch!

Women Program looking for TRAINERS!

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Hi there,

Taylor’s Community is passionate about empowering women, especially women from the lower income households. We want to treat them with dignity, shower them with love and remind them that they are special! An event is coming and please find the info in the poster.

If you think so too and have knowledge and skills you want to share with them, feel free to contact Nela! her contact number is in the poster.

Merdeka Day Mini Bazaar

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In conjunction with Merdeka Day, our Mini Entrepreneurship Club students from various PPR communities are going to sell some of their homemade products! Do come and check them out!


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The main objective of the event is to

  1. Expose the underprivileged children from PPR Communities to various career paths.
  2. Ensure that the children receive more opportunities to learn outside their classrooms.
  3. Creating Civic Awareness as the children learn to care for one another throughout the field trips.

Please contact Elsie Yan Zhou Ong (M:+60122557494)

Bridging Social Gaps, Bringing Professionals to Underserved Children.

30th July 2019 0 comments Elsie Ong

Inspiring Children to an Array of Career Paths!

A person should never be defined by their career choice or job title. Similarly, a child should never be defined by their ability to score well in their studies.

Last weekend, Taylor’s Community collaborated with PechaKucha Petaling Jaya as they launched their educative pilot initiative for its 10th anniversary. Through this program, Pecha Kucha brought in speakers across industries, from journalism, theatre to engineering, to engage with the 100 underserved school going children bringing together professionals who were volunteers and children from the underprivileged community. This program’s goal is to expose children to a wide range of career paths through various short workshop and equip them with real life skills beyond formal schooling.

With this focus, the impact made on the community was direct. The children had the chance to engage with the PechaKucha Petaling Jaya network of speakers, who openly shared their expertise and experience, and transferred their knowledge to the children. These Workshops/Lessons were hands on and experiential. Besides that, all the classes were taught in Bahasa Malaysia, catering to the demographics as the children could understand better, resulting in a more immersive lesson.

This entire program adopted the methodology designed by the IMC Weekend School from Amsterdam, that is centred on professionals inspiring students about their industries.

Though only in its weekend pilot program for an upcoming 3-year program, results made over the weekend were positive:

Seeing this impact, we are truly honored to have worked with PechaKucha Petaling Jaya. Moreover, we are looking forward to work together again to make greater impact for our next generation. YOU CAN TOO! “If you’re a professional, VOLUNTEER, you can share your passion, your experience, your expertise with them, in return, you’ll also be impacted by their lives. If you believe in this cause and you want to build active citizens who are confident in what they can do for the communities, the second way you could support us is through funding so that we could run this program,” said Mei Yi Yeap, the organizer of PechaKucha Petaling Jaya.

For more enquiries, do email them at pechakuchapetalingjaya@gmail.com.

Look at the attached video to find out more about what happened!

Underserved Community Eager to Learn and Grow their Business

24th June 2019 0 comments Elsie Ong

Last Saturday, our 3rd Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic Entrepreneurship Program kick-started with almost 150 Entrepreneurs for Education Phase 1. Our students comprised of members from the PPR (low cost housing area) Community, singles parents and people with disabilities (PWD). The main objective for this Program remain, as teaching them to fish for themselves in a sustainable way in hopes to break the poverty cycle, covering 3 aspects including:

The students’ excitement and eagerness to learn and improve was evidently seen when they arrived 1 to 2 hours earlier than our class commencement time, lining up for registration. We were truly humbled and encouraged by their spirit and tenacity wanting to make a difference from themselves. The entire Education Phase will equip and empower them with the necessary knowledge and equipment to build a sustainable living for their families.

“Was the class helpful for the improvement of your business?”

Through the first class, they learnt about setting Business Objectives and Goals, and identifying Business Challenges and Risks. 99% of the members mentioned that these lessons were practical for the improvement of their business. Moreover, our entrepreneurs identified that the additional bonus about this program included having a strong networking system that motivates and encourages them to face challenges and succeed.

Overall, the first session was filled with positive energy and ended on a high note. We are really looking forward to what’s coming up next with this batch of students!

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Sustainability Still Going Strong!

13th April 2019 0 comments Elsie Ong

Our Entrepreneurship Program, Taylor’s-CIMB Islamic Program Keusahawanan is entering strong into our 3rd year, with a little more flare!

“Extended our programs to the disabled people and refugees”

Foremost, we are extending our programs to
the disabled people and the refugees. Moreover, we are including a mentorship
structured where alumni are brought back to motivate, guide and encourage the
new participants. This truly reflects the sustainability of this concept and
how it could alleviate poverty at the core of it, where we see those who were
helped are helping others now. Thirdly, we are officially introducing the mini
Entrepreneurship Program, Program Keushawanan (PK) mini for children 7-12 years
olds. This idea was initiated last year where parents found it hard to take
care of their children and at the same time attend our entrepreneurship classes.
Hence, Taylor’s Community implemented PK mini to address this issue, where programs
for children are ran concurrently with the classes for the adults.

Today, we interviewed 74 new potential
entrepreneurs for our program, from the PPR communities and the disabled
people. Tomorrow, we will be recruiting refugees too. Out of all our
interviewees, 100% of them indicated that they are excited and will be fully
committed to this program. Throughout our briefing session, their active
participation in asking questions and playing ice-breaking games reflected
their enthusiasm and seriousness towards the program.

Another highlight would definitely regard
our volunteers; we were very encouraged by the sharing of their experiences and
how they really appreciated the opportunity to serve the community and engaging
themselves with the children. All of them gave positive feedback and want to
help out in this program again.

Overall, it was a bright start of PK2019! To volunteer and for more information, email us at taylor.community@taylors.edu.my or follow us on Facebook @CSR at Taylor’s Education Group to find out more!