School of Pharmacy Medical Outreach Programme

October 28, 2017

School of Pharmacy Medical Outreach Programme

PPR Sri Pantai

Taylor’s University Pharmacy Students’ Society (TuPSS) Medical Outreach Programme is an annual initiative by the students from Taylor’s University School of Pharmacy in collaboration with Taylor’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Pfizer Inc. and PPR Sri Pantai. This project is carried out as a part of the module “Community Service Initiative” to inculcate a sense of social community.

The main highlight of this project is to provide a free health screening for the community at PPR Sri Pantai and to educate these individuals to play an active role in managing their own health. As such, the health screening initiative is accompanied by a wide array of interactive activities which are all aimed at enhancing the awareness of the community on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this modern era.

This year’s project will serve as a follow up for the collaborative efforts which took place in 2016 whereby diabetes and hypertension have been identified as the 2 main issues within the community of PPR Sri Pantai. The project will be carried out on the 28th of October 2017 from 8:00AM – 4:30PM at Block 100, PPR Sri Pantai.

A series of activities will be carried out in sequence and the adult participants will be required to complete all the tests. These activities include blood pressure measurement, body mass index (BMI) measurement, bone density testing, glucose & cholesterol measurements (via blood test), spirometry (for lung function), tonometry (for glaucoma) and consultation. As for the children, a few activities have been scheduled specifically to target this age group. These include anthropometric measurement, de-worming & de-licing and educational games & activities.

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